Wyoming GOP Not Happy With Lummis’ Support Of Gay Marriage Protection

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By Clair McFarland, General Assignment Reporter
[email protected]

Wyoming’s Republican Party leadership on Thursday condemned US Senator Cynthia Lummis’ vote to hear a bill codifying statewide access to same-sex marriage.

“Unfortunately, in yesterday’s vote on the Respect for Marriage Act, our own Senator Lummis voted yes,” the state GOP wrote in a mass email Thursday afternoon.

“This law threatens religious freedoms and contradicts the Wyoming Republican Party Platform, which was UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED at the Republican State Convention in May 2022 by more than 400 delegates from across the state,” it said.

The email states that the approved party platform “guides good political decisions”. The message also encourages recipients to reach out to the state’s federal delegates to emphasize the importance of the platform. It contains contact information for the delegation.

“Marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman,” the platform explains, adding that the party should “keep in mind the Judeo-Christian principles of the founding fathers” when they wrote the constitution and their belief that “Good moral conduct and the development of character…helps secure the other basic foundations of our national citizenship.”

The email was not signed. Frank Eathorne is chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party.

negative answers

Wyoming Equality, an LGBTQ advocate in Wyoming, pleaded with people to encourage and support Lummis in her decision.

“We believe Senator Lummis has an important vote to pass this bill in the next two days, but she is currently receiving overwhelmingly negative responses from Wyoming,” the post reads.

“We cannot stress enough the importance of Wyomingis reaching out to Senator Lummis today. Again, it is important that these messages are positive,” it said.

The New York Times reports that a Senate vote on the bill is expected after Thanksgiving.

Access to gay marriage

Lummis, Wyoming’s junior US senator and Republican, voted Wednesday to vote on the Respect for Marriage Act, which would ensure the legality of same-sex marriage across the country. Your “yes” shows early approval of the bill, but is not the official vote on its merits.

Wyoming law doesn’t officially recognize same-sex partnerships as legal marriages, but the state has allowed same-sex marriages since 2014, based on a federal court precedent made earlier this year.

Although not directly overturned, precedents from courts legalizing the practice have been challenged with Roe Vs’ downfall. Wade this summer when US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said the case shifted credibility away from alleged rights not listed in the US Constitution.

Religious carve out

Lummis said she sees her approval as upholding the equality promise of the Wyoming Constitution.

She said she also supports provisions in the bill to ensure religious freedoms.

The bill includes provisions so that Christians and other believers cannot be forced to perform gay marriages, Lummis said.

Senior says no

Senator John Barrasso, Wyoming’s senior Senate delegate, voted against passing the bill.

“Sen. Barrasso believes marriage is between a man and a woman,” a spokeswoman for Barrasso told Cowboy State Daily Thursday morning. “That’s how he voted in the Wyoming State Senate and that’s where he stands today.”

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