Voters approve Wyoming County Schools facilities bond sale

Nov. 9 – From the earliest results on Tuesday, Wyoming County voters approved the sale of $20.1 million in investment bonds by the County Board of Education.

With 26 out of 26 counties reporting, unofficial statements showed that 2,316 (55.82 percent) voted in favor of the bond sale and 1,833 (44.18 percent) voted against.

“Wyoming County Schools are thrilled with the final results of the bond vote and are very grateful for the continued support of our county citizens,” said Deirdre Cline, Superintendent, County Schools.

“The investment bond and additional funds will provide much-needed facilities and upgrades.

“Once again, our communities have shown that Wyoming County children matter!

“Our school system will go to work immediately to bring the institutions’ Bond projects to life,” Cline said.

Proceeds from the proposed bond sale will replace two outdated Mullens school buildings, construct a new auditorium at the Wyoming County Career and Technical Center, and additionally fund safety and other improvements to schools across the county.

The total cost of all proposed projects is nearly $34 million.

Additional funding sources include the West Virginia School Building Authority, local funds, and others.

The proposed $16.5 million school will combine Mullens Elementary, built in 1939, and Mullens Middle School, built in 1928 – nearly 100 years ago – into a new Mullens Elementary and Middle School for students in prekindergarten through eighth grade.

The bail scheme for facilities also includes the following projects:

– Auditorium for Wyoming County Career and Technical Center, Estimate: $6 million.

– Artificial turf for Wyoming County East High football field, cost estimate is $2.1 million.

—Additional gymnasium and artificial turf for soccer field at Westside High, cost estimate is $6.7 million.

– Security vestibule with security window and package transfer, electrical system upgrades and new gym floor at Pineville Middle, cost estimate is $675,000.

– Security vestibule with security window and parcel transfer, Americans With Disabilities Act upgrades that include new elevator and walkway for school and community in Oceana Middle, cost estimate is $300,000.

—New playground equipment and sidewalk for school and community for elementary and middle school street, cost estimate is $100,000.

– New roof at Herndon Consolidated Elementary and Middle, cost estimate is $775,000.

– Security vestibule with security window and package transfer, wastewater treatment plant and walkway replacement for school and community at Baileysville Elementary and Middle, cost estimate is $315,000.

– Electrical system upgrade at McKinney Elementary School in Berlin, Estimate: $250,000.

This is the first time a facility bond has been included on a county general election ballot. Previously, voters made decisions in special elections.

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