Delaney Krings Wisconsin: Birthday parade planned for terminal 4-year-old girl battling brain tumor

PEWAUKEE, Wisconsin– It’s something a parent never wants to hear – your child has cancer.

But that’s a reality for a Wisconsin family who have received a Stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis for their 4-year-old daughter.

Now the community is coming together to support the family during this devastating time.

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At the end of October, the world of the Kirngs family was turned upside down. They found out that their youngest daughter had been diagnosed with brain cancer. Now they’re making her feel comfortable and reminding her how loved she is and how big of an impact she is not just in Wisconsin but around the world.

Heather Krings and her husband Jack have been in the hospital with their daughter Delaney for the past few weeks.

Less than two months ago, at just 4 years old, Delaney was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

After the diagnosis and several operations, she was able to come home. Then came an infection and she’s back in the hospital now.

Delaney had an ear infection that wouldn’t go away. After another visit to her pediatrician and a CT scan, Heather and Jack got the news no parent wants to hear.

“It’s untreatable. Not treatable by chemotherapy, radiation, or further surgery. So unfortunately she’s going to die,” Heather said.

The tumor is on both sides of her brain, all the way down to the brainstem.

“It’s a little bit more on the driving side, so she has a side effect that’s basically like having a stroke. Her left side is affected a lot,” Heather said.

It left little Delaney with a crooked smile, but it’s one that still brightens up any room.

“Just knowing that I’ll never have that light inside me again,” said the young girl’s mother.

Heather said the doctors will give Delaney until Christmas. That means she won’t be able to go on her Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World. So the community has come together to make their 5th birthday on December 16th a magical one with a drive-by parade.

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“We have offers from the local police and fire brigade to look after squads. We have members of the local community decorating their vehicles and dressing up as Disney princesses to do this drive-by parade,” Heather said.

That’s not the only thing the community has been doing, a local news station reported.

Jack’s mom created a GoFundMe account to help with medical bills. It has generated thousands of dollars along with birthday cards – not just from Wisconsin but from across the country.

It’s not just cards, it’s also gifts.

“My car is packed with packages. It’s honestly the most heartwarming thing to do,” said Sharon Tomlinson, a family friend.

Tomlinson was responsible for collecting the cards and gifts for Delaney.

“I can’t tell you how many cards, packages, phone calls, emails you’ve received. This community from here to around the world is coming together to try and make a difference,” said Tomlinson.

From her favorite cheesy poof snack to dolls and toys from her favorite Disney movie, Frozen, Delaney is full of love.

“How do you tell a four-year-old he’s going to die in a month? How do you tell him? You can’t do that,” Delany’s mother said. “She knows a lot of people send her birthday cards because it’s going to be a special birthday.”

Delaney knows she’s got “ouch” on her mind and that she’s sick, but her infectious grin still keeps her parents on their toes.

“Her smile, her laugh, her love — just her sweet personality and her witty replies and horrible knock-knock jokes,” Heather described.

While the next few weeks will be the roughest of days for the Krings family, they will continue to love Delaney and show them just how much their five incredible years on earth have impacted them.

If you would like to send a card, please send it to:

Delaney Krings

C/O Shorewest Real Estate Agents

1296 Summit Ave.

Oconomowoc, WI 53066

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