All Central Wisconsin Conference Boys Soccer Team Announced

All Central Wisconsin Conference Boys Soccer Team

Player of the Year: Drew Lewallen* Amherst CAM 25 12th

Coach of the Year: Erik Linde Amherst

First team

Name School Pos. Number Year
Luis Sandoval Newman Catholic Forward 2 10
Evan Zubke Newman Catholic Forward 9 11
Drew Lewallen* Amherst CAM 25 12
Alex Martin Amherst TW 0 11
Carlos Lopez Amherst LW 10 10
Alex Edwards* Columbus Catholic Forward 7 11
Grant Olson* Columbus Catholic mid 15 12th
Charlie Moore Columbus Catholic mid 11 11th
Cy Becker Columbus Catholic Center D 22 11
Max Grabiec * Pacelli Forward 6 11
Braeden Austreng Pacelli Right-Back 3 12

second team

Zongvikeng Lee Newman Catholic Forward 7 12
Noah Martin Newman Catholic Defense/Mid 22 10
Alex Emmerich Northland Luth Midfielder 5 12
Karsten Zahrt Nordland Luth Keeper 0 12
Joe Oblender Northland Luth Forward 2 10
Caleb Pinkalla Amherst RW/DM 14 12
Spencer Cohen Amherst CAM/DM 13 11
Aiden Kazda Amherst RW20 9
Brandon Lang Columbus Catholic Center D 25 12
Lucas Kreklau Columbus Catholic Goalkeeper 0 11
Sam Grabiec Pacelli Midfield 4 10
Jacob Hasler Pacelli Left Wing 18 12


Nolyn Lindner Newman Catholic Defense/Center 5 10
Jack Varline Newman Catholic Striker 12 12
Owen Reeves Newman Catholic Goalkeeper 4 10
Shayden Abbott-Beversdorf Amherst CB 9 9
Isaac Snyder Amherst DM 21 9
Edward Castellano’s Gresham Bowler CM 10 12
Blade Hoffman Gresham Bowler CDM/RW 11 12
Wesley Thiex Gresham Bowler CB 12 12
Kaidyen Zaitz Gresham Bowler GK 21/GK 10
Cade Jansen Columbus Catholic Forward/Defense 10 9
Mira Torbey Columbus Catholic mid 17th 12th
Mason Edwards Columbus Catholic mid 16 9th
Braeden Flaker Pacelli Forward/Wing 9 10
Dakota Wrezinski Pacelli Center Back 15 12
Tim Sackman Pacelli Goalkeeper No.1 12

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