William Bonac Chest workout for Mr. Olympia

In a recent video shared on his social media platform, bodybuilder William Bonac shared an intense chest workout routine he’s been following to prepare for the 2022 Mr. Olympia, which takes place between April 15 and 18 December in Las Vegas, Nevada. William Bonac has continued to be a notable threat in the IFBB Pro League in recent years.

In 2019, William Bonac was defeated by Mr. Olympias Champion Brandon Curry in a close match. William Bonac is in top form for the current season and will do everything to get the best result.

When William Bonac lost the Sandow Trophy, he quickly buckled up and won the crown at the 2020 Arnold Classic. William Bonac also tried his hand at the 2020 Olympia, securing fifth place. A year later, he found himself back on the Olympia stage, finishing sixth at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. However, William Bonac didn’t stop there and kept his motivation high in the training sessions.

body builder William Bonac Chest training exercises

Here’s a quick look at the workout routines that William Bonac swears by:

  • Machine Cable Crossover – 5 sets
  • Smith Machine Incline – 4 sets
  • Smith Machine Bench Press – 2 sets
  • Standing Machine Chest/Pec Fly – 1 set
  • Diamond Push Ups – 1 set

Read on to learn more about William Bonac’s workout routine!

1. Machine cable crossing

William Bonac starts with five sets of machine cable crossovers. The bodybuilder starts with a warm-up set, since it is very important for the body to get used to the intense training. It also helps prevent injuries of any kind. Machine Cable Crossover is useful for the lateral muscles of the body.

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2. Smith machine inclination

William Bonac talked about why he loves the flat bench press on the incline bench. For him, the best thing about the incline flat bench press is that it focuses on his upper chest, which he feels is crucial to keeping his body balanced. This particular exercise helps to get a massive chest on the one condition that it is performed in the right posture.

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3. Incline bench press on the Smith machine

Switching to falling bench press, William Bonac shows that he saves a lot of time by performing exercises with slight variations, and these slight variations help focus on the target part of the body. It also requires shoulder strength to perform in the correct posture.

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4. Standing machine chest/pec fly

After a brief pause, William Bonac performs a set on the Standing Machine Chest Pec. Standing Machine Chest always gives a good result as it is very effective and every bodybuilder loves to do exercises with this machine.

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5. Diamond push-ups

Before moving to the heavyweights, William Bonac recommends always warming up for good results. William Bonac does his chest workout with a great pump. This particular exercise helps warm up properly and get a massive chest while also toning the upper body.

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At the end of practice, William Bonac showed off his pump and gave followers a little insight into the package he’s working on in preparation for the 2022 Mr. Olympia.


The Conqueror announced that he plans to play a massive game against two-time Mr. Olympia Big Ramy. William Bonac has been keeping his followers updated on his growth for this year’s Olympic competition. At the end of the offseason, William Bonac touched the scales at a whopping 264.6 pounds. The bodybuilder intends to win a rematch against Brandon Curry en route to his first Mr. Olympia title, for which he plans to build a massive torso.

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