PNBA Chad Martin Shares Natural Olympia Workouts Ahead of 19th Appearance

Chad Martin with other legends
Picture via Instagram @chadmartinhof

PNBA Chad Martin shared the workouts he’s doing to prepare for his 19th Natural Olympia.

professional Natural body building Association (PNBA) athlete Chad Martin shared his Natural Olympia Workout routine with Natural Olympia around the corner. The 2022 Natural Olympia is Martin’s 19th Natural Olympia, taking place November 10-13, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chad Martin competes in the men’s bodybuilding divisions. He placed fourth in the Grand Masters class 2021 Natural Olympia. Martin got in touch with us and updated us on his training sessions to prepare him for the Natural Olympia 2022 which he shared on his website. In Martin’s Pre-Show Workouts article, Martin said:

“When I’m preparing for a bodybuilding show, which is usually The Natural Olympia, I tend to do it switch up my workouts to make them more intense with fewer breaks in between.

That The premise behind this is to burn more calories and prepare the body for the intensity be on stage.

During the off-season I will incorporate more lower rep workouts to help focus on the subject of strength and muscle building, such as Focus5 or Old School.

When preparing for a competition, my workouts usually involve more volume with shorter rest periods Periods like Hundo, Pre-exhaust, Tetris10, etc.

Typically these workouts start at 8am Weeks out, increasing the intensity each week as I get closer to the show. The training sessions become very tiring and difficult.

I tend to only add 5 pounds a week because of exercise Start getting closer to the 3 hour range, except legs, it’s always over 3 hours.

Chad Martin’s pre-show workouts

According to Martin, as the Natural Olympia approaches, he increases the intensity of his training, including less rest between sets and more volume. He begins this process about eight weeks later, increasing the intensity of his training each week.

Martin follows that progressive overload principle making sure to add five pounds to the weight of each exercise. As a result, most of his workouts last around three hours, except for his leg day that is longer.

Martin alluded to many of his pre-show workouts in the article. One of them that we covered earlier this year is “Tetris Ten.” Martin designed this workout to do ten reps with a weight heavy enough for him to fail before reaching ten reps on his second set. He then quickly lowers the weight and finishes the remaining reps with the lighter load (the weight used during the first set) to reach ten reps. He repeats this process with the third set, then returns to the weight he used on his first set and aims for ten reps for his final set.

Chad Martin’s 19th Natural Olympia

Chad Martin is happy about his 19th Natural Olympia. After all, Martin will be on stage with guys he has known for 20 years. Also 6x Natural Olympia Champion Kiyoshi Moody and 2020 Natural Olympia Champion Mehack Ochieng will find their way back into the most important phase of natural bodybuilding.

Here is a picture shared by Chad Martin on his Instagram profile as he shared the stage with Kiyoshi Moody and Philip Ricardo Jr. 10 years ago.

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