“$20,000, Just the Food Alone”: 7X Mr. Olympia Revealed the High Cost Attached to Pro-Bodybuilding Back in 2015

Phil Heath is one of the most successful bodybuilders in bodybuilding history. He has seven Mr. Olympia titles (2011-17), the same number of titles won by another bodybuilding legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman are ahead of this bodybuilding beast. However, it must be pointed out here that while the above three have retired, Heath is still a competing bodybuilder.


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Phil Heath has dominated bodybuilding for the past decade, winning seven titles and also regularly taking second and third place finishes. In 2015, Heath revealed the expense it took to become a professional bodybuilder at the time. He also estimated the amount of money he had to spend to create a physique worthy of winning Mr. Olympia titles.


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Phil Heath made an estimated amount to go pro bodybuilding

Training in the gym is a unique experience, but training as a professional bodybuilder requires several factors. To engage in professional bodybuilding, you need massive nutrition, as well as supplements. And for that you need a significant amount of money. Phil Heath made a rough calculation of the money required to practice professional bodybuilding in 2015.

pagan said, If I were to pay for all this, I mean you must think a little; I mean well over $20,000. Just the food. I mean it will be half. You know, I’m going to spend at least $12,000-$15,000 or maybe $20,000 on food alone.


7x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath once claimed his arch-rival Kai Greene ‘never publicly admits his real age’

22 days ago

he continued “And then you know, with the supplements, it could very well be synonymous. If I were out there you must be thinking I mean being a pro bodybuilder, eating like a pro and also stuff you need to get a good job.

Will Heath enter any more competitions?

Phil Heath has been competing pro since 2006 and made his Mr. Olympia debut in 2007. However, his dominance began in the next decade, i.e. after 2010. Although Heath won his last title in 2017, he still finished in the top 3 at the last Mr. Olympia he competed.


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Phil Heath will miss the second Mr. Olympia in a row. In addition, midJuly that Heath will be the color commentator at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. However, Heath keeps his physique ready for the stage, as we saw in his recent Instagram post, in which he labeled, “I am not ready yet. I’m just getting started.”

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Phil Heath is a legendary figure. However, he was lucky to have sponsors, but other than that, bodybuilding costs a lot of money. And like Heath said, if you want to do bodybuilding, you have to have a good job to cover the expenses.

What do you think is the minimum cost per month to do bodybuilding in 2022?

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