Esprit Decor Student-Athletes of the Week: Frank Cox Field Hockey

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WTKR) — Winning a state championship is hard enough, but coaches and athletes will tell you that staying on top is even harder when a team gets there. However, over the last several years, field hockey has been Frank Cox’s Commonwealth class.

When Addie Froehlich started her high school career with the Falcons, she was already familiar with the culture before stepping onto the field in her freshman season. At the time, Cox had just won his first state championship.

“The values ​​are somehow taught to you,” said the now senior. “(Coach Taylor) Rountree does a great job of teaching you the values ​​of Cox field hockey as a middle school student, and when you decide to go to Cox High School instead of going to an academy, it’s really an easy transition process .”

Fast forward and Senior Froehlich continues this culture of Falcon success. She and her teammates continued to set the bar high. On Tuesday night, Cox held off Gloucester in a shootout, punching the team’s ticket to the Class 5 state semifinals.

“We’re a dramatic team,” smiled Froehlich. “We like going into extra time, this is the third game we’ve had to go into extra time so I think it just shows how much heart our team has.”

Completing deep postseason runs is no stranger to the program. The Falcons have won four straight state crowns and after some early bumps en route to kicking off 2022, this year’s edition of the roster appears primed to keep that streak alive.

“We lost to Norfolk Academy and we had a couple of other losses and I think the pressure just eased off,” said head coach Taylor Rountree. “They just feel comfortable being this Cox team and doing what this Cox team does best.”

“Obviously there’s a lot of pressure if you don’t want to be the first team to break this streak,” added Froehlich. “I’m proud of the pressure. I love pressure.”

Now the Falcons continue this ride for five. Addie and her fellow seniors on Friday are just two wins away from winning every major high school championship during their tenure.

“I’ve ticked the box for winning every regional championship, so I want to be able to tick the box for the state championship,” she said.

“I think it would be everything for the seniors,” Rountree said of a hopeful fifth straight title. “All these seniors that I coached from sixth grade and middle school, so that’s like the complete journey.”

The Falcons take on Independence in Saturday’s Class 5 State Semifinals. The competition takes place at 18:00.

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