Salt Lake City & others require residents to shovel sidewalks

SALT LAKE CITY — With all that snow lately and more still coming to Utah by the end of winter, it’s time to start talking about the cleanup — especially when it comes to your sidewalk. Salt Lake City says residents and businesses need to do their part.

“It’s a bit of a challenge for me at times, but I shoveled all my walks this morning,” Margie Bsumbk said Monday as she walked her dog Butch in the freshly fallen snow.

“I was really surprised how many walks are shoveled, but there are some that are never shoveled. I’m afraid of falling off,” she said.

Bsumbk says she doesn’t know how people get through the thick, wet mud and snow on curbs and corners where nobody seems to be clearing.

“In a wheelchair, I don’t know how to get them through the crossings because they’re very bad,” she said.

FOX 13 News Monday found several pedestrians snaking their way onto the street because of unshoveled sidewalks. Salt Lake City officials say it’s a public safety issue they’re reluctant to face.

“I mean, nobody wants that. That’s very scary,” said Hannah Yoell, public information officer at SLC Fire & Emergency Management. “Motorists already have enough to think about, especially during or after a storm. They don’t need a pedestrian to think of as well. So if you absolutely can avoid that, please do it.”

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Yoell added that it is of paramount importance for local homeowners and businesses to clear their paths every time the city gets a major snowstorm.

“I mean, we love living here, it’s the best city ever, but we have to think about it — clever snow shoveling is key,” she said.

Just last month, Salt Lake City tweeted and cited this information about clearing snow from sidewalks Section 14.20.070 of the Salt Lake City Code, which mandates that “hail, snow, or sleet on the sidewalk adjacent to your property be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after the hail, snow, or sleet has stopped falling.” They advise residents to contact civil enforcement with complaints at 801-535-7225, which they say will be investigated with fines that may be imposed.

Mike Scharman was out shoveling for walks on Monday and told FOX 13 News he’s only trying to help where he sees problems.

“It’s good to help, to help your neighbors,” Scharman said while shoveling with the help of his dog Milly at his aunt’s house on the east side of Salt Lake City. “She’s older so my cousins ​​and I live in the area so we stop by and it’s kind of a regular thing. Some people are busy, some are older, so it’s good if you can.”

Salt Lake City requires residents to clear the entire length of the sidewalk, including corners and curb ramps, both sides if at a corner, a minimum width of 42 inches — which can be up to 2 ½ times the size of standard snow Shovel AND within 24 hours.

Jorge Chamorro, director of public services at SLC, runs the city’s snowplough operations and says they’re trying to clear snow from the streets within 36 hours.

For more information on emergency preparedness, including snow removal requirements, go to “Be ready SLC‘ on social media.

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