Texas send 300th bus from the border to sanctuary cities

The 300th busload of migrants left Texas on Thursday — as Gov. Greg Abbott blasted President Biden for doing “nothing” about the southern border crisis.

“With Biden doing nothing, Texas will continue to take unprecedented action to relieve our overwhelmed border communities and secure the border.” Abbott tweeted Thursday night and added that the bus is going to Chicago.

Texas began its migrant bus program in April — sending frontier workers seeking asylum from overrun Texas cities to Democrat-run safe haven cities, including the nation’s capital.

As of Friday, nearly 8,300 migrants have been sent to Washington DC, Abbott’s office confirmed to The Post.

Chicago, which was added as a destination in August, has taken in more than 1,200 migrants.

Over 3,700 migrants have been bused into New York City since the Lone Star State added the Big Apple

Migrants have repeatedly been bussed to cities of refuge.

The 300th busload of migrants left Texas on Thursday.

Illegal immigration has increased sharply in recent months.

Greg Abbot blasted Biden for failing to intervene at the border.

Adam has declared a state of emergency.

Over 3,700 migrants were bussed into New York City.

The tent city should accommodate 500 migrants.

Adams announced he will be closing his tent city this week.

“The Bus Mission is providing much-needed assistance to our overwhelmed border communities,” Abbott’s office said in a statement Friday.

The US saw a record 2.4 million migrants stopped at its border with Mexico in the fiscal year ended September — a surge fueled by asylum seekers from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua amid deteriorating economic and political conditions in those countries .

Migrants on an Abbott-chartered bus that left Del Rio, Texas en route to Washington, DC in August told the Post the free ride was a “blessing.”

“Any help I can get is a godsend,” said Javier, a 25-year-old migrant from Venezuela.

“I’m much closer to New York in Washington than here. I heard there is a place where you can stay for some time until you get back on your feet financially.”

Others, however, said they felt compelled to board Texas buses.

In one incident, immigrants called the driver of one of Abbott’s buses on 911, claiming they were trying to get off and were being held against their will.

All immigrants boarding the buses sign release forms before boarding.

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