Austin Theory starts 2023 with WWE US Title win over Seth Rollins

When it was announced that Seth “Freakin'” Rollins and Austin Theory would wrap up the first televised episode of the WWE program with a match for the WWE United States Championship, it felt like a huge deal. The duo worked the match throughout the WWE Holiday Tour circuit, albeit in a cage match, and even if Rollins came off the wrong side of the pin for the live audience, that doesn’t necessarily mean the match is that wobbly would end up getting out.

Like him or not, Rollins is incredibly over in the WWE audience, and his sing-along theme song has some of the loudest reactions you’ll hear at a live show. Giving him the strap, especially via a cast member like Theory who isn’t quite over yet, would give fans a fantastic start to the calendar year. Still, Theory wasn’t too concerned about what fans thought, as his eternal reign is just beginning.

“My confidence is at an all-time high,” Theory said backstage. “And why is that? It’s the new year. New year, new me, that’s what everyone says, right? No, me, 2022 was Austin Theory’s year and 2023 will be my year, but let’s go freakin’ with Seth “Rollins talking about how it was like two weeks ago when I got under his skin. And then he was about to start a fight with The Bloodline and when he least expected it I dumped him. I guess that clarifies.” just that Seth “Freakin'” Rollins is the past and I? Well, everybody knows I’m the now. But I hold this US championship, but that’s not all I hold, I hold all the cards right here in my hand, and I’m playing Seth “Freakin'” Rollins every turn. And that just means my eternal reign is just beginning. Not bad for a kid, is it Seth?”

When asked to comment on the situation himself, Rollins didn’t seem too concerned about Wrestling Theory, having wrestled and defeated him a number of times before, although he’s been showing up on the wrong side of the pin lately.

“Nashville! Who’s ready to sing tonight? Mmhmm, 2023 looks a lot like 2022. The Bloodline here trying to take over my show, Austin Theory trying to take my place, Cathy Kelley while I’m here, while I bleed, breathe, do anything, Monday nights are mine. And in just a few minutes this US championship will also take place. So, Austin Theory, he’s going to do everything in his power to keep that title, and I like that, I do, because that’s what the title means in the United States. I dig this. But as good as Austin Theory is, and as good as he’ll be, one thing he’s not is, and that’s me. ‘Cause I’m a visionary, I’m a revolutionary, I’m Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins! Party tonight on Broadway!”

Austin Theory remains WWE Champion two days into 2023.

Theory and Rollins, who according to Cagematch were in their 27th match together, entered the ring with vastly different takes, the former working incredibly tight while the latter handling offense with ease. Rollins worked like the champ, dominating the ring until his knee gave out on a curb stomp attempt that hampered his performance the entire time. While Theory attempted to walk out of the match mid-contest by literally trying to take his belt and go home, Rollins kept the match alive and even pedigreed his much younger opponent, but because of the Referee was KO, it didn’t save the three. With a new ref in place, however, Theory’s underhanded tactics proved too much for an injured Rollins as he was dropped with a low punch, then a chop block and finally the A-Town Down for the win.

Bad news: Theory is still champion and of course the crowd in attendance wasn’t happy about that but with Theory working on heel, trying to run away and eventually having to cheat to win this match should be perfectly set up for another fight at some point on the down the line, maybe on royal rumblemaybe only in the actual Royal Rumble as one of those fun mini-feuds that happen in the middle of a huge match from time to time.

Will Theory and Rollins leave this past feud anytime soon? No, probably not, well really, it doesn’t matter who holds the belt now or in the not too distant future; All that matters is the fun of watching Rollins work half-faced and Theory gets thrown in the trash despite being the underdog in the competitions.

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