Nashville Bel Canto Foundation Launches New Program Mentoring Young Opera Performers

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Stefano Baldasseroni

The Nashville Bel Canto Foundation is a nonprofit program for young artists created to provide the tools to be professional in the competitive world of opera

NASHVILLE, TN, US, Nov. 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The young performers enrolled in the program will be involved in the production of a fully staged opera with orchestra under the supervision of established professionals. Opera teachers show them how to learn a role, collaborate with peers and become a competent opera performer.

The Nashville Bel Canto Foundation’s educators, trainers, and consultants are professionals with thriving careers. They have learned and honed their craft through years of schooling (Juilliard School of Music, The Curtis Institute, The Metropolitan Opera) and working in productions around the world.

Stefano Baldasseroni, President and Executive Director of the Nashville Bel Canto Foundation said, “I have spent many years teaching at conservatories and working with programs for young artists. During this time I have observed that curriculum is mainly based on the development of the voice, which of course is a very important part of being a singer. However, vocal training only covers about 60 percent of what the student needs to know to become a professional opera singer.”

Born and raised in Rome, Baldasseroni is a very active diction coach and teacher. He is a music teacher at the Metropolitan Opera and on the faculty of the Julliard School in New York City and the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia.

About the Nashville Bel Canto Foundation:

The Nashville Bel Canto’s mission is to help young singers develop and hone their skills in Italian opera. Preparing a role for a fully staged opera can be compared to the training required to run a marathon. The fast-paced environment of an opera production can be very intimidating. The singer must know how to be expressive through the use of the nuances of language, how to behave in character, and how to coordinate with an orchestra, while remaining consistent with his vocal technique. They also have to learn to take care of themselves while constantly receiving notes from the director, conductor, coach and choreographer. All that pressure can be destabilizing and ruin a promising career before it has a chance to get off the ground!

The bel canto program is designed to enable young singers to experience the organized chaos of a production in a protected and safe environment. They can learn the unwritten rules that will help them become full-fledged performers, becoming more mature, experienced performers, thereby greatly increasing their potential for a thriving career in opera.

About the Nashville Bel Canto program:

The foundation’s 30-day program is aimed at talented young artists with a talent for expressiveness and stage presence. Intended to address both the physical and emotional aspects of this career, it is divided into two separate phases:

1) The warm-up – 10 days

The singers will work closely with coaches and lecturers. Students are guided through the rules of Italian pronunciation, acting skill development, and role preparation. During this phase, faculty members give masterclasses in the art of Italian opera, stage psychology and practical careers advice. The aim is to provide a group of performing artists with a professional level of knowledge that forms the basis for the next step.

2) Action! – 20 days

The singers prepare to perform in a fully staged opera with orchestra. You will take part in staging and musical rehearsals under the direction of a director and a conductor, both hired by the Foundation for this specific production. At the end of this phase, the opera will be performed publicly at a Nashville venue.

To learn more or to donate to the Nashville Bel Canto Foundation, visit: https://nashvillebelcanto.com

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