Hike This Cave In Tennessee Then Eat At The Cave Cafe

We all love the huge mountain vistas where we can see for miles and enjoy the scenery of a mountain top experience. If you are anything like us then you undoubtedly see the beauty all around our wonderful state. However, sometimes the best prospects are real under our feet. Beauty is born in the dark deep within subterranean caves just waiting to be explored. Ruby Falls is Tennessee’s most popular cave, and we think it’s worth a cave-themed day trip.

Ruby Falls is Tennessee’s most popular cave, and with good reason. Admire the beautiful underground waterfall, then enjoy a meal with incredible views of Chattanooga at the conveniently located Cave Cafe. If you’re interested in taking this cave-themed day trip, we recommend stopping by the Ruby Falls website to purchase your tickets. You can also peruse the Cave Cafe menu and even order in advance if you wish.

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Address: Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, TN 37409, USA

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