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Volleyball takes hits from Yale and Brown

Dartmouth suffered 3-0 defeats from their two conference opponents this weekend to enter the Ivy Tournament fourth.

by Emmy Replogle | 25 minutes ago


Courtesy of Emma Engstrom

Last weekend, Big Green defeated two Ivy League teams, Cornell University and Columbia University, at Leede Arena. The Big Green continued its Ivy League play this weekend, suffering unfortunate losses to Yale University and Brown University — both 3-0 — marking the end of its regular season. Dartmouth meets Yale in the semi-finals of the Ivy Tournament next Friday.

Dartmouth took to the streets this weekend and headed to New Haven, Connecticut to face the Bulldogs. The Big Green had previously played Yale on October 8, falling 3-1. That weekend, the Big Green lost 3-0 and held a short distance from Yale until the last moment of each set.

The Big Green took the lead in the first set after Piper Stevens ’25 and Taite Ryan ’23 made a terrific block. Although the first set was close, Yale won 27-25. Even after losing two sets – the second ended at 25:19 – the Big Green kept its momentum and started the third set with the lead. Dartmouth gave it their all early on to secure a 14-12 score as Yale won eight straight points and ended the set with a kill.

With the Ivy tournament looming so close, head coach Gilad Doron said the team felt prepared for the next time Dartmouth took on Yale.

“[Yale will] It will be a big task but the team played well away from home this year and I know we will be ready,” said Doron. “I have to give so much credit to our players for finding ways to balance finals with Ivy Championships as we near the end of the season.”

Despite losing to the Bulldogs, the Big Greens dominated the match in terms of blocks. At the end of the game, the Big Green got away with nine blocks while Yale had six. Bomi Ogunlari ’24 led the team in blocks totaling five. Emma Engstrom ’25 came out with 11 digs leading the team.

“I’m really excited to play Yale again and show them who Dartmouth volleyball is,” Engstrom said. “I’m confident we can take on any team if we can play our game next weekend.”

After Friday’s tough loss, Big Green packed his bags and headed to Providence, Rhode Island to take on the Brown Bears. Dartmouth started the game strong with the first point, but Brown slowly increased their lead and eventually won the first set 25-8.

As Big Green started the second set, the team played with courage and took an 8-5 lead. Emma Sinclair ’25 helped Big Green stay in the set with her powerful kills and led the Big Green with a total of seven kills throughout the game. The set was close until Brown found his rhythm with a four-point streak to win 25-16. In the third set, Dartmouth was neck and neck with the Bears at 16-16, despite falling five points early on. Despite Big Green’s efforts to keep up, Brown kept pushing to take the set by a score of 25-21.

“[The Big Green] got posts from so many players showing how [we] build depth and trust it [we] be strong in numbers,” said Doron.

With the end of his season marked by the Bears’ loss, Dartmouth are still up from where they were placed last season – specifically going from 7-7 in their conference record last season to their current conference standings of 8-6. In the 2022 season, the Big Green’s performance earned him the No. 4 seeded in the Ivy League tournament while also welcoming four new members to his team. Molly Power ’26 said as a freshman volleyball player she is excited that Dartmouth will take on opponents in the Ivy Tournament.

“Last weekend was a great opportunity for [the team] to keep getting better, and while it wasn’t the result we wanted, [we] will use those losses as fuel for the tournament,” Power said.

The Big Green meets top seed Yale again next Friday, November 18 at 7 p.m. in New Haven to mark the start of the Ivy League championship tournament. If Dartmouth wins their match against Yale, the team will either be No. 2 Princeton or no. 3 Brown in the final on Saturday 9th November.

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