Free Course At Spencer Film Studio Preparing Oklahomans For Industry

As Oklahoma’s film industry continues to grow, local studios are helping to provide area residents with the tools to succeed in the film industry. This weekend, low-income residents had the opportunity to attend a free four-day course at Green Pastures Studio, giving them the basic understanding of a production assistant position.

This course, called Work Ready, was made possible by Oklahoma Film and TV Academy, Green Pastures and Metafund. Students learned everything from correctly filling out paperwork to learning the correct choice of words and jargon to find their place on a film set.

Amy Janes is one of the co-founders of Green Pastures and OFTA and says one of the things people might not realize before taking this course is that most people have more experience than they might think.

“I promise you, whatever you’ve done in the past, there’s a place for you in the film industry,” Janes said.

She said the Work Ready course is about giving students the tools and confidence to step onto a film set. Workforce Oklahoma’s Shane Phillips said he hopes this type of training will help build the workforce in the state.

‚ÄúThere are a lot of opportunities in the Oklahoma film industry right now. It’s an emerging industry with big growth,” said Phillips.

Phillips said this training is a great way for people interested in the film industry to get their foot in the door.

“We think this is a great opportunity for some of our students to transfer some of their skills from other industries,” said Phillips.

We spoke to some of the students in the class about their reasons for participating. Terrence Bias said he has high hopes for his career in this field.

“I would love to be an actor myself, but I know it’s very difficult and you have to start small first.”

He said that everything he learned in this course and the basics of production assistant will hopefully help him work his way up.

“We’ve been able to attract a lot of people who always dreamed of working in the film industry but didn’t have access to it,” said Janes.

Amy Janes helped create Green Pastures Studio with at least eight different sets, all the technology needed, and opportunities for students to get hands-on experience while learning the basics.

“It’s important to give them the opportunity to screw up in a safe environment,” said Janes.

Janes said the students would have the opportunity to work on Green Pasture’s sets.

“So that if they can bring that experience to a stellar or local film, they’ll have the confidence to succeed,” Janes said.

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