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WARREN — Trumbull County commissioners on Wednesday signed a funding plan for a sewerage project in Warren Township that plumbing engineer Gary Newbrough placed at the top of the list of about 50 Mahoning Valley projects to be considered by the Ohio Public Works Commission for grants in were considered.

The state agency provided approximately $750,000 for the design phase of the Pendleton/Gillmer Road Improvement Project. Newbrough said this is the second part of the Meadowbrook Drive project commissioned by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $20 million in five phases, Newbrough said.

The Meadowbrook project covers an area of ​​Warren Township along the Mahoning River and requires a 250,000 gallon per day wastewater treatment plant – a small scale treatment plant – to treat the wastewater, adding to the cost of the project.

The first phase of the project would cover portions of North Leavitt Road NW and Meadowbrook Drive, starting with 70 initial links along the path and with the option to add a total of 575 links. Construction of the first phase should begin soon, Newbrough said.

The second phase includes residents of Pendleton and Gilmer streets, with funding there including a federal grant from Applalchia Regional Commission of $250,000 and an additional $520,000 in block grants for community development. About $4.7 million of phase two will be funded through a zero percent Ohio EPA loan, Newbrough said.

The entire project falls under the 2007 Consent Decree between Trumbull County and the Ohio EPA “due to failed off-lot septic systems posing a threat to the health and safety of not only the 575 homes in the immediate area, but all who come in contact with the septic sewage downstream of the project area.”

Newbrough said that this and other factors, including the community’s share of the cost, went into the high score OPWC received for the Pendleton/Gilmer project.

Second place in the OPWC of Funded Local Roads, Sewers and Water Projects went to Girard’s Keefer Road water main replacement, which requested a $150,000 grant.

Some of the other area projects funded through the OPWC grading system include:

36-inch water transmission line replacement in Mahoning Valley Sanitary District, $310,900 requested;

City of Warren, High Street, Main Avenue, Mahoning Avenue road improvements, $240,000 applied for;

City of Cortland 2023 Asphalt Renovation Program, $75,000 Proposed;

Hubbard City Road Improvements 2023, $116,201 requested;

Lordstown / Ellsworth Bailey Road Village Appealed for $141,000 Surface Renovation;

Road Improvements in Bazetta Township 2023, $149,999 requested;

Liberty Township 2023 Street Program, $149,999 Proposed;

Hubbard Township, Hubbard Thomas Road Project, $74,999 applied for;

Vienna Township, Smith Stewart Road project, $74,999 applied for;

Newton Falls Village 2023 Paving Program, $149,999 Proposed;

City of Warren Park Avenue project, $240,000 applied for;

Weathersfield Township 2023 Road Improvements, $74,922 Proposed;

Champion Township 2023 Road Renovation, $149,999 Proposed;

Howland Township, 2023 Roads Program, $150,000 Proposed;

Brookfield Township Lucy Street Redevelopment, $74,972 Proposed;

Braceville Township Barclay Messerly Road stormwater drainage upgrade, $74,999 applied for;

Mecca Municipality, Housel Craft Road Project, $74,999 applied for;

Warren Township 2023 Road Renewal Project, $150,000 Proposed;

Warren City 2023 Road Program, $567,000 Proposed;

Niles City road renewal requested for 2023, $150,000;

Trumbull County Engineer’s 2023 Roads Program, $896,795 Proposed;

Orangeville Village, 2023 Resurfacing Program, $74,988 Proposed.

In another sewerage project, the Commissioners approved the securing of easements for the rehabilitation of the Heaton/Chute sanitary sewer at Weathersfield. Pursuant to the resolution, Edward Zajac Jr. County of 1277 Grandview Ave. SE will pay up to $1,020 for the land needed for the project.

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