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Ferreira Places Fifth At The Southern Scuffle

Chattanooga, TN – Fifth seed and 24th place Jacob Ferreira defeated Iowa State’s Joel Devine by an 8-3 decision in the fifth-place playoff at 184 pounds as The Southern Scuffle, presented by Compound Sportswear, concluded Monday night.

Earlier in the day in the championship semifinals, Ferreira dropped a hard-fought 3-2 decision over top seed and 12th-ranked Oklahoma State’s Travis Wittlake. Wittlake grabbed a takedown in the third period to level the score at 1, and after a Ferreira escape, the Hofstra senior was unable to get a takedown of his own in the final seconds.

The loss sent Ferreira into the consolation semifinals, where he lost an 8-6 decision to Virginia Tech’s Sam Fisher to be sent to the fifth-place playoff. Ferreira had defeated Fisher Sunday in the round of 16.

In consolation action at 141 pounds, the Pride Justin Hoyle lost by fall to 28th Carter Young of Oklahoma State. At 285 pounds, Little Rock’s Josiah Hill defeated the No. 28 Zachary Knighton Ward3-1

As a team, Hofstra finished 20th in the field of 21 teams with 17.5 points.

Hofstra returns at the Franklin & Marshall Lehman Open on Friday (January 6).

Full Hofstra Southern Scuffle Results:

125 pounds

Round of 16: #28 Caleb Smith (Appalachian State) Dec. Jacob Mond (Hofstrasse), 8-3

Round of 16: #12 Trevor Mastrogiovanni (Oklahoma State) Dec. Dylan Acevedo-Swiss (Hofstrasse), 8-2

Consolation Round of 16 #2: Noah Luna (Appalachian State) Dec. Dylan Acevedo-Swiss (Hofstrasse), 5: 0

Consolation Round of 16 #2: #24 Braxton Brown (Maryland) Tech case Jacob Mond (Hofstrasse), 16:0 (2:09)

133 pounds

Round of 16: Reece Witcraft (Oklahoma State) Dec. Chase Liardi (Hofstrasse), 8-2

Round of 16: Jackson Disario (Stanford) Dec. Joe Sparacio (Hofstrasse), 6-5

Consolation Round of 16 #1: Jayden Carson (Little Rock) dec. Chase Liardi (Hofstrasse), 4:0

Consolation Round of 16 #2: Todd Carter (Gardner Webb) Dec. Joe Sparacio (Hofstrasse), 9-8

141 pounds

Round of 16: Justin Hoyle (Hofstra) Dec. Andrew Bloemhof (Oklahoma), 6-1

Round of 16: #25 Darren Miller (Bucknell) Dec. Justin Hoyle (Hofstrasse), 7-3

Consolation Round of 16 #2: Justin Hoyle (Hofstra) Dec. Rudy Lopez (Northern Colorado), 5-4

Consolation Round of 16 #1: Justin Hoyle (Hofstra) Dec. Vance Vombaur (Minnesota), 4-2

Consolation Round of 16 #2: #28 Carter Young (Oklahoma State) wbf. Justin Hoyle (Hofstra), 0:20

149 pounds

Round of 16: Josh Brown (CSU Bakersfield) maj. dec Michael Leandro (Hofstrasse), 14-5

Consolation Round of 16 #1: Trey Kruse (Purdue) Dec. Michael Leandro (Hofstrasse), 4:0

157 pounds

Round of 32: Tech fall by Vinny Zerbin (Northern Colorado). Joe McGinty (Hofstrasse), 15:0 (3:15)

Consolation Round of 16 #2: Luke Mechler (Oklahoma State) Dec. Joe McGinty (Hofstrasse), 7: 1 (SV)

165 pounds

Round of 16: #2 Shane Griffith (Stanford) Dec. Jurius Clark (Hofstrasse), 7-2

Round of 32: #20 Andrew Sparks (Minnesota) maj. dec Matt Rogers (Hofstrasse), 13-2

Consolation Round of 16 #1: John Best (Maryland) Dec. Jurius Clark (Hofstrasse), 8-2

Consolation Round of 16 #2: Cooper Noehre (Purdue) med. lose Matt Rogers (Hofstra) (0:31)

184 pounds

Round of 16: #24 Jacob Ferreira (Hofstra) Dec. Mitch Hatter (Purdue), 10-4

Round of 16: #24 Jacob Ferreira (Hofstra) Dec. Sam Fisher (Virginia Tech), 7-5

Quarterfinals: #24 Jacob Ferreira (Hofstra) Dec. Kyle Haas (Oklahoma State), 7-5 (SV)

Semifinals: #12 Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State) Dec. #24 Jacob Ferreira (Hofstrasse), 3-2

Consolation Semis: Sam Fisher (Virginia Tech) Dec #24 Jacob Ferreira (Hofstrasse), 8-6

Game for fifth place: #24 Jacob Ferreira (Hofstra) Dec. Joel Devine (State of Iowa), 8-3

197 pounds

Round of 32: TJ Stewart (Virginia Tech) Dec. Nicholas Mueller (Hofstrasse), 9-6

Consolation Round of 16 #1: Xavier Vasquez (Northern Colorado) Dec. Nicholas Mueller (Hofstrasse), 6-1

285 pounds

Round of 32: Juan Mora (North Dakota State) Dec. #28 Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstrasse), 5-1

Consolation Round of 16 #2: #28 Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstra) Maj. Dec. Mason Fiscella (Appalachia State), 12-4

Consolation Round of 16 #1: #28 Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstra) Dec. Jacob Sartorio (Appalachia State), 6-3

Consolation Round of 16 #2: Josiah Hill (Little Rock) Dec #28 Zachary Knighton Ward (Hofstrasse), 3-1

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