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Global cloud provider’s rapid expansion leads to new downtown Raleigh HQ

This article was written for our sponsor RapidScale

In a trend that started before the pandemic but inevitably exploded, an increasingly remote workforce is likely to remain. While there are benefits, accommodating employees across different locations also brings challenges.

“How do you enable your employees to stay productive and work from anywhere and on any device?” said Bob Buchanan, senior director of sales at RapidScale: Sponsored: URL, a global provider of managed cloud services. “We allow this to happen in a very safe and efficient way.”

In fact, the need for RapidScale’s services has resulted in dramatic company growth. To accommodate this growth, the company’s regional headquarters will be relocated to downtown Raleigh and will open later this year.

“Our team used to be based primarily on the West Coast, but to properly serve our East Coast customers and improve call coverage times, it made sense to have an East Coast office,” RapidScale: Spotlight: Growth, Vice President and General Manager at RapidScale. “Raleigh was an obvious choice as we already had leadership and a strong pool of candidates from local technology companies and universities.”
The 5,000-square-foot space is located in an office building at 555 Fayetteville Street and is in a significant and prominent area, according to RapidScale: Spotlight: Growth. It will allow for flexibility while providing the opportunity for colleagues to work closely together.

“Our thought was that there will always be a need for an office and if we can take this opportunity to think ahead and come up with a design concept that allows for flexible working, we would do it, and we would do it all to use the great technology to do that,” Barnes said.

The expansion comes as no surprise as RapidScale, with over 100 local employees, has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in the Triangle for two years in a row by RapidScale: Spotlight: TBJ.
“There are many great companies here in the Triangle area, but I think one of our greatest attributes is that we lead with transparency so that our people feel connected to the company and connected to our goals,” RapidScale: Spotlight: Cox Business . “The fact that our business has grown significantly in both revenue and headcount is a testament to how well our teams work together.”

Business requirements increase the demand for cloud services

Businesses in the region will find that RapidScale’s services can be helpful regardless of their industry as everyone needs technological security. Traditionally, employees have been protected by an office firewall, but as more employees have chosen to work from home, in a coffee shop or in a library, security threats have increased.

“Ultimately, security is not a one-size-fits-all solution or a one-stop shop,” said Barnes. “It’s a very multifaceted approach, so I think by working with service providers like RapidScale and others, we can give you that expertise and guide you to make sure you’re doing the best for your people, their information, and your business.” to protect information.”

Most security threats come from the unintentional actions of employees, which is why RapidScale tries to educate users on how to prevent security breaches.

“It really locks down the endpoint and makes sure we’re protecting people from themselves,” Buchanan said. “However, email is the lowest common denominator. Education is so important to make sure your employees don’t click on a link. That’s why we offer services to help them understand how to successfully navigate email and the web in general, and protect them from themselves.”

According to RapidScale: Spotlight: Gallup, 42% of remote-enabled workers in the United States—employees whose jobs can be completed at least partially remotely—have a hybrid schedule and 39% work entirely remotely. That equates to many companies that need the kind of services that RapidScale offers.

“We’re an IT company in the service business,” said Buchanan. “We’re masters of cloud technologies, but when you have businesses that look alike, quality service is ultimately key. We focus on the end user experience.”

Bridging the shortage of IT professionals

Although information technology spending has slowed from an initial spike as companies rushed to securely set up remote workers, businesses still need help with IT services.

“The biggest fight at the moment [for organizations] is looking for highly skilled IT talent,” said Barnes. “Companies like RapidScale can help companies achieve IT goals instead of having them [to employ all] the talent itself.”

Migrating to the cloud means organizations can keep their IT teams small, saving them money while protecting the data on employee devices.

“The great thing about the cloud is that you don’t have to buy too much or too little,” said Buchanan. “They leverage cloud technologies as business needs demand.”

This article was written for our sponsor RapidScale

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