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Charlotte chef and ‘Chopped’ winner talks his tv experience and the local food scene

One of Charlotte’s black chefs recently won $10,000 in a televised cooking contest.

Local food truck connoisseurs and avid Food Network watchers may have recognized chef Anthony Denning, owner of Another?!. Food truck on a recent episode of Chopped.

In “Chopped” four chefs have to create a dish from a “mystery box” full of ingredients. Dennings’s has won the latest episode entitled “More Cheese, Please”.

Denning’s award-winning dishes are inspired by the food he serves in his truck.

While Denning appreciated his Chopped experience and is grateful for the win, he said things are “business as usual” for now as he reinvests in his business and improves the truck. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all work and not play.

“I will go on vacation with my family; we need it,” Denning’s said

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