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Top US boarding schools providing a 21st-century education

If you are looking for a school that will prepare children for college and beyond with the knowledge they need, then look no further. US boarding schools are the answer.

Boarding schools have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the US, which has over 300 boarding schools. This increase is due to the stimulating and holistic environments of these schools, which are essential for development.

Corresponding The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)such a supportive, agile and innovative education has resulted in 87% of boarders being academically well prepared for college and 78% feeling socially prepared for university life.

To ensure optimal preparation, these schools provide challenging academic and extracurricular activities and prepare them with skills outside of the classroom that prepare them for the challenges of the future.

For parents looking for a boarding school that focuses on developing their child as a whole and preparing them for life in college and beyond, here are four in the US worth considering:

Source: Buffalo Seminary

At Buffalo Seminary, young girls can discover their passion for music. Source: Buffalo Seminary

Buffalo Seminar

Located in beautiful western New York, an independent day and boarding school is dedicated to preparing young girls for college and beyond.

There’s more to Buffalo Seminary (SEM) than just its great location. SEM’s excellent academic program develops intellect and independence in each of its students while providing them with the support they need for a successful career. The Class of 2022 has joined top universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Wellesley College and others.

At the SEM, students have the opportunity to explore their interests, be it in research, service, leadership, art or sport. Girls are encouraged to pursue their passions through SEM’s sports teams, student-run clubs, theater and arts programs, and AP courses.

However, what makes SEM unique is its music program, which includes school concerts and performances by their acapella group, the SEMachords, Glee Club and an award-winning ensemble. It is also one of the few K-12 schools in the United States that is a Committed Steinway Select School, giving students the opportunity to make music with world-class instruments.

“There are a variety of music courses at the SEM, which is one of the strengths of the school,” said Dr. Madeline Harts, music teacher at SEM. “It gives students the opportunity to explore all aspects of a subject and themselves. Students can explore their own creativity and ability to create art.”

SEM has 11 pianos on campus available to students throughout the day, an internationally renowned music teacher, and a competitive scholarship for freshman students interested in becoming a musician. The SEM Steinway Scholarship is awarded to an incoming student who demonstrates exceptional ability in music. To learn more about SEM, click here.

Source: Choate Rosemary Hall

At Choate Rosemary Hall, teachers and classmates support students throughout their time at school. Source: Choate Rosemary Hall

Choate Rosemary Hall

Located in the quaint town of Wallingford, Connecticut, Choate Rosemary Hall is a co-educational boarding and day school for ninth grade through graduate students.

Students are ready to face college and life with the support, programs and expertise of the school. Academic exploration is encouraged here, while valuing students’ diverse perspectives, cultures and experiences. Choate is just the right size, with an authentic community and unparalleled facilities to make this possible.

In short, Choate is a school where the students are undefinable. With a variety of opportunities, studies, and activities, combined with the support and guidance of adults on campus, students don’t have to be limited by one thing – be it sport, passion, or identity.

Signature programs let students build on their interests and talents In addition. From Advanced Robotics to Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES), every option is fully immersive. There is also the Capstone program, in which students use their creativity and curiosity to design a focused course of study, culminating in a final project in the spring semester of sixth year. Previous focuses have included China-US relations, the art of dissent, and avoidable exploitation in the developing world.

Choate is an intellectually curious community where students can expand their world and explore many different passions. They have the full support of faculty members ready to help them expand their discoveries and passion in any field. If you are looking for an education that will bring about major changes and impressive transformations, Learn more about Choate Rosemary Hall here.

Source: Concord Academy

At Concord, students have over 200 academic courses to explore and discover their talents. Source: Concord Academy

Concord Academy

Scholars with creative and far-reaching ambitions will settle in well Concord Academy –– an independent, coeducational boarding and day school in Concord, Massachusetts. A total of 400 students from grades 9 to 12 are already here and enjoy the broadest possible curriculum.

Above 200 academic courses are available to satisfy any kind of curiosity. Such a comprehensive curriculum is a rarity for schools of this size. Here, Each student is paired with an advisor –– A faculty member or administrator who is equal parts mentor and advocate to help them unlock their potential. For parents, they are important links between home and school.

At Concord Academy, intellectual possibilities are endless. Students pursue their passions through semester-based electives—whether it’s learning engineering subjects like computer-aided design and manufacturing, or directing a theatrical production on the main stage. They often spend their time nurturing their creative and extracurricular talents. While participating in a rigorous academic program, many are still incredibly active in the arts, athletics, and various clubs or organizations.

The location of Concord Academy makes it the perfect place for further self-discovery. Concord, Massachusetts is a safe and small New England town that is a tourist destination and historical treasure. The beautiful campus is also just 30 minutes from the bustling city of Boston, home to countless world-class colleges and universities.

Source: Church Farm School

Church Farm School is known for its high standard of producing high-performing young men. Source: Church Farm School

Ecclesiastical Peasant School

Located in Exton, Pennsylvania, 30 miles west of Philadelphia, Ecclesiastical Peasant School is a private college preparatory boarding school and day school for boys in grades 9 through 12. Here values ​​of respect, responsibility, integrity and brotherhood permeate one another – continuing its founding mission of ensuring bright young men of good character have access to world class Education. And they do – 100% of graduates go on to leading universities each year.

Young men of all faiths, ethnicities and socioeconomic status are welcomed to this school, which often ranks high on the lists of many schools including Most Beautiful Private School in Pennsylvania (Architectural Digest 2018), Top 10 Chester County High Schools (Main Line Today 2021) and Top 10 Boarding Schools in PA (Niche 2022).

Here young men can pursue a rigorous and engaging academic program at an unusually affordable price. Meal and daily rates here are significantly lower than the competition, while offering the same rigor and facilities. Students of all incomes, including some middle- and upper-income families, can also apply for financial aid options.

The school recently completed its campus modernization project. Many CFS spaces are being revitalized and modernized, creating a more collegial feel and incorporating a state-of-the-art center for the arts. To unlock your child’s potential with CFS, click here.

*Some of the institutions featured in this article are commercial partners of Study International

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