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NY Man Accused Of Swiping Allergy Meds In NH, Maine: Concord Cop Log

Elizabeth Marrero, born 1978, of Concord was arrested at 5:22 pm on November 5 on a charge of making threats. She was arrested after an incident at the North Main Street speedway.

Zachary Lawrence, born 1988, of Concord, was arrested at 3:04pm on November 5 while drunk driving following an incident at 162 Manchester Street.

Noel Boyd, 59, with a last known address on Endicott Street in Laconia or Belmont, was arrested at 3am on October 12 for a felony count of a habitual offender and theft by unauthorized filing of charges totaling less than 1,000 US dollars operated. At around 11:30am on March 26, an officer was dispatched to Hannaford on Fort Eddy Road to investigate a charge of theft involving two elderly men. The clerk observed the men and accused them of stealing goods, including one who put makeup in a purse and didn’t pay for it. The items were valued at around $40. The clerk confronted the men, but they denied stealing anything, a report said, and they left the area. The officer viewed the video and later identified the men. The officer then spoke to a woman on Mountain Road who owned the vehicle the men were in at the time. She said the men had permission to use her vehicle, according to a report. However, one of the men, Boyd, was a habitual offender and had driving convictions – disobedience to an officer, two habitual offender convictions, suspensions and two drunk driving charges dating back to 1999. On April 14, an arrest warrant was issued for him enacted

Dens Marcellus, 27, of Brooklyn Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, was arrested at 4:10 am on October 11 on a felony theft by unauthorized charge, $1,501 charge, following an incident at CVS on Hall Street. Marcellus was re-arrested at 12:34pm on a felony larceny by unauthorized charge, $1,501+, following an incident at CVS on Loudon Road. At around 7pm on March 26, police were dispatched to Loudon Road for a stolen allergy drug. A store employee said a man came into the store and asked where the paper towels were. After the employee was shown where they were, he paused for a moment. A few minutes later, another clerk, in despair, told the first clerk that the man had fled the store with an elderly woman who was with him, carrying around $1,000 worth of allergy medication. Police looked at surveillance footage from the store and were able to get a description of them and the Nissan Rogue SUV in which they escaped. The officer went to the area of ​​the store where the drugs were and reported that the shelves were almost empty. Five days later, the reporting officer began communicating with a second officer who was involved in a similar theft at the Hall Street CVS the next day. The video proved that the suspects were the same. On April 6, the reporter communicated with a Sanford, Maine police officer about a similar theft at a CVS in that community. Maine security footage matched the man involved in the Concord CVS thefts. In nearby Springvale, ME, a theft was reported to Walgreens and police stopped the suspect, later identified as Marcellus, via a New York driver’s license. The woman with him was also identified. He denied stealing drugs, but police charged him with voluntarily showing bags in his SUV that contained CVS over-the-counter drugs. The drugs were confiscated and returned to CVS, the report said. A regional CVS investigative manager told Maine there was “a large underground market” for over-the-counter drug redistribution in the Northeast. The Concord officer tried to reach Marcellus by phone but he claimed it was the wrong number. The officer also tried texting but received no reply, the report said. An arrest warrant was issued on April 8.

Jack Michael Hebert, born 2004, of Concord was arrested at 7:06 p.m. on October 11 on charges of minor assault, endangerment of child welfare, two counts of criminal mischief and two charges of domestic violence – minor assault – following an incident on Loon Avenue.

Lisa Marie Cheney, born 1967, of Boscawen; John E. McCormack, born 1963, of Concord; Tracy James Blodgett, born 1967, of Concord; Jonathan P. McCormack, born 1988, of Concord; were all summoned at 2:44pm on 11 October on criminal trespassing charges following an incident on Locke Road.

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