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Nashua Democrat State Rep. Arrested Again, Accused Of Stalking

NASHUA, NH — A Nashua Democrat, with multiple prior arrests, has run into trouble with the law again after being accused of at least two incidents of stalking in nearby Hudson.

State Rep. Stacie Marie Laughton, 38, was arrested by Nashua police on Saturday on a warrant issued by Hudson for violating the stalking order charge. She is being held at Valley Street Jail in Manchester.

There is limited information about the case. But Lt. Roger Lamarche, the second shift supervisor for the Hudson Police Department, confirmed the arrest and charges. Laughton was accused by police of communicating with the victim on social media on November 8.

The protection order was filed against Laughton, who also serves as a town voter, on July 25.

According to Lamarche, this was not the first time Laughton had been arrested for contacting the victim. She was accused of stalking and harassment in late August and arrested in early September.

It appears Laughton was able to keep September’s arrest under wraps and away from voters. She easily placed second out of four candidates for another term as state representative in Ward 4, District 3, with 841 votes. State Rep. David Cote, another Democrat who is also the House Minority Leader, took first place with 894 votes, while Fred Davis placed third with 778 votes. Joost Baumeister, the only Republican on the ballot, finished fourth with 668 votes.

These two arrests are not the first time Laughton has been charged.

About four years later, she was on the ballot to run for state representative in Nashua and was elected in November 2012 – the first transgender officer elected in New Hampshire and one of only a handful in the United States at the time. After her election, her crime status and prison sentence came to light. After discussions with state Democrats and a look at media coverage, Laughton resigned.

A special election was called a few weeks later and Laughton ran for re-election. However, officials found that she was unfit under state law to hold public office because she had not completed her sentence — her sentence included a 10-year good behavior clause and a restitution claim.

A few years later, Laughton was arrested on a felony charge and charged with making a bomb threat against Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in February 2015. She blamed “mental illness” for the bomb threat incident.

After paying compensation for the fraud allegations and serving the good behavior clause in 2008, Laughton was allowed to run for office again in 2019. She was elected Selectman in 2011, 2019 and 2021. Laughton was elected State Representative in 2020.

It is unknown what action the House of Representatives will take against Laughton.

In 2012, Republicans asked her to resign. Then-Majority Leader Pete Silva, a Nashua Republican, said it was unfortunate that Ms. Laughton didn’t get along with her county’s constituents during the election process.

“If I lived in the borough,” Silva Patch said via email at the time, “I would be very disappointed to learn just days after the election that my neighborhood would be represented by a person who was there four years ago Years was convicted of conspiracy and fraud and spent in prison.

Cote, as well as State Rep. Steve Shurlett, D-Penacook, who is running for the next session as Democratic leader, did not return emails seeking comment before the release.

Speaker of the House Sherman Packard, R-Londonderry, and State MP Jason Osborne, R-Auburn, the Majority Leader, were also emailed for comment.

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