Trey Palmer’s slide is latest concerning trend

There was a time when the Nebraska football team thought they would have a record holder on their roster in Trey Palmer. There was even a possibility that the Huskers would have an all-American receiver on the team. That would certainly have been a welcome highlight for a season spiraling out of control. Well, technically it’s already spun.

For a while, it felt like Trey Palmer would be the bright spot. He took over the games all by himself. Especially the Purdue game. That was the game where he had 7 catches for 237 yards and 2 TDs. It was also the last game in which the receiver came anywhere close to an All-American or All-Conference pass catcher. His slippage was the latest worrying trend for a Nebraska football team desperate to hang on to something positive.

That game against Purdue was the culmination of a damn good first half of the season. Was it also the end of the fairy tale?

Trey Palmer has 5 touchdown catches this year, and after having zeros in his first three games, the Boilermakers game was the last of four straight contests in which he found the end zone. It was also the last time he had more than five catches in a game. And last time he had more than 40 yards.

Trey Palmer and Nebraska Football slide together

However, the drop in numbers is not really a concern. Finally coming to terms with the loss of Casey Thompson, he’s trying to play with two quarterbacks the coaches clearly don’t trust. The drops in general should be a little worrying.

Trey Palmer had four drops all season from the game against the Boilermakers. This was especially noticeable because the Cornhuskers had some drop issues this year. He distinguished himself as a sure receiver for a team that needed it to have any chance of success.

Since his stellar performance, the LSU transfer has had four drops. Two each in the last two games. PFF has its drop percentage for each of the last two games at 28.6 percent. These are tied for the season high. The previous high was 20 percent versus Northwestern.

Some of the receiver’s production decline can be blamed on the quarterbacks. That’s for sure. It’s hard to see Chubba Purdy especially throwing the ball thinking it’s an easy catch. But especially against Minnesota, Trey Palmer, who failed to make the tough catch, could be blamed for the loss. He had five catches for 37 yards against the Golden Gophers. 7 catches could have made a big difference.

The big and troubling question is: Why did he start fighting back like this? It’s a question that needs to be answered if it’s going to be fixed for the Nebraska football team. And they’ll need him to step up and play big against Wisconsin and Iowa.

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