I’m a coin collector – your Lincoln penny could be worth $9,600, top 10 ‘mint mark’ details to look for

THE smallest details can be worth the most money when it comes to coin collecting.

Fine details are often the difference between a coin worth a few hundred dollars and one worth a few thousand dollars, like a penny that sold for nearly $9,600.

This coin collector shares tips on how to find rare coins


This coin collector shares tips on how to find rare coinsPhoto credit: TikTok/thecoinchannel
Small differences in coins can make them worth thousands of dollars


Small differences in coins can make them worth thousands of dollarsPhoto credit: TikTok/thecoinchannel

One of the most common types of error involves the mint mark.

The mint mark is a small letter stamped on the coin, denoting the US mint where they were made.

Coins from San Francisco usually bear an S, coins from Denver are marked with Ds, and so on.

There can be a few different errors related to the mintmark, including missing and duplicate marks.

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Coin collector Eric Miller runs TheCoinChannel on Tiktok and shares common mistakes that can still make you some money.

Even if you find a coin with one of these flaws, its true value is based on the coin’s preservation.

Grades indicate how good the coin’s shape is, with the highest grade being 70.

He ranked the top 10 repunched mintmark errors to look for on Lincoln pennies.

1. 1909 D over D Penny Big Date Penny

Along the left side of the mintmark D on the coin is another line in which a second mintmark has been stamped.

Even in a high quality, this coin only sold for $63 in 2022.

2. 1983 S over S over S Penny

The name probably suggests that this mintmark appears tripled on the coin.

This one is very easy to spot as the S mintmark is very bulky.

The record auction amount for this coin is $135.13.

3. 1910 S via S Penny

On this coin, one of the S mintmarks is slightly taller than the second.

One of these sold for a whopping $517.

4. 1956 D via D Penny

The flaw on this coin is a bit more visible than others


The flaw on this coin is a bit more visible than othersPhoto credit: TikTok/@thecoinchannel

This penny also has overlapping D mintmarks.

You can clearly see the second slightly to the left of the first.

You can also spot the second D in the opening of the first.

One minted at 67 sold for just over $1,929.

5. 1946 S via D Penny

This coin is slightly different as it was struck with two different letters.

It can be a little hard to see, but it looks like the S is almost filled in with the D mark.

In ’66 mint condition, it was sold for $1,320.

6. 1960 D over D small over large date penny

On this penny you can clearly see that the year is doubled.

Below that, the D character is extremely bold because of the kickback error.

This coin in a grade 66 sold for $400.

7. 1927 D via D Penny

On this one, the mintmark looks larger at the top than at the bottom.

One of these grade 64 coins sold for $3,290.

8. 1984 D via S Penny

This coin can be worth up to $8,400


This coin can be worth up to $8,400Photo credit: TikTok/@thecoinchannel

This is difficult to see.

You can only see part of the S in the upper left corner of the D and in the opening of the D.

Mint grade 67, it sold for $8,400.

9. 1909 S over S Penny

You’ll need to pull out a magnifying glass to spot the second mint mark on this penny.

It just appears as a small dot to the right of the S near the top.

This is because one of the mintmarks is not pointing in the right direction.

One of these sold for $7,800 with a mint grade of 66.

10. 1943 D over D Stahlpfennig

These pennies are extremely rare


These pennies are extremely rarePhoto credit: TikTok/@thecoinchannel

Steel pennies are valuable in their own right, but one with a flaw can be worth even more.

The two mint marks are very clear on this coin as they overlap but are slightly offset from each other.

In mint condition 67 this was sold for $9,600.

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Look at your old loose change to see if you have a 1950’s penny worth over $7,000.

Or maybe you have another 1950s penny that’s worth up to $19,000.

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