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The homeowner believes the tornado picked up and misplaced her Cranfield RV

Published 3:23 p.m. Wednesday 14 December 2022

NATCHEZ — A small neighborhood on Nations Road in the parish of Cranfield looks like a scene from the opening storyline of Wizard of Oz, after a late-night storm, possibly a tornado, caused extensive damage.

Shirley Dawson lives in a trailer at 24A Nations Road off Cranfield Road in the area under a 2am tornado warning on Wednesday. She described a likely tornado that lifted her home with eight people inside.

“The tornado hit my trailer and almost flipped it over with us in it,” she said. “Two trees fell on my vehicles so now I don’t have a vehicle. The trailer’s metal frame came through the kitchen floor.”

Dawson, 59, was in her bed at one end of the house and the seven others in the house, ages 2, 11, 15, 16, 20 and 21, were in a closet with a mattress stacked on top, she said.

She was holding on to her bed and couldn’t move and felt like her head was banging against the wall, she said. A large dresser in her room fell over and pots and pans in the kitchen cabinets spilled out.

“Everything was on the floor,” she said. “He picked up the house and put it down again, but not in the same place.”

The back porch blocked the trailer’s back door from which they could not exit. When help came, they had to break through a glass door that couldn’t be opened to climb out, she said.

Through it all, “we all came out unscratched,” she said. “I hope nobody ever has to experience anything like this.”

They went to her son’s home in Gilbert for the night and Dawson returned Wednesday morning to see if she could salvage anything else. Photos show the home’s siding has been torn down and a shed has collapsed on top of their cars.

“I’m trying to get some work clothes out of here if I can,” she said. “I can’t access anything in my closet. … The neighbor next door had a little roof damage and the house in front of me had their shed trashed. It looks like it hit her a little and hit me from both sides.”

Tasha Felter said her 15-year-old son happened to be staying at a friend’s house and frantically called her after 3am to tell her a tornado had hit her.

“He said it felt like he picked the trailer up and turned it a little bit and basically uprooted the tree in the front yard,” Felter said.

Feter, who lives in Kingston, said she was standing outside and saw what she thought might be a tornado about 20 minutes before her son called.

She said the event lasted about 30 seconds. Hail, about a quarter the size, fell and stopped and started again.
“Then the wind almost died down and then all of a sudden it was the biggest gust of wind I’ve ever experienced,” she said. “That scared me half to death.”

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