Gophers Head to Ann Arbor for Big Tens

MINNEAPOLIS — The championship season officially begins for the University of Minnesota Gophers cross country teams this Friday, October 28, when Maroon and Gold travel to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the 2022 Big Ten Conference Championships. The women’s 6K race (3.73 miles) starts at 9:45 am, followed by the men’s 8K race (4.97 miles) which starts at 10:45 am

“We’re excited and ready for the Big Tens this week,” said the head coach Sarah Hopkins. “You know it’s going to be a grinder. Every Big Ten team is good, there are no soft teams in the bunch. It’s not for the faint of heart, but we’re ready for it. We look forward to this opportunity for our teams and student athletes and have a great plan for their success.”

The women’s team will compete against 12 student athletes in Ann Arbor, while the men will have eight in uniform:

The men’s side consists of Emmet Anderson, Seth Eliason, Leo Gutman, Eli Hoeft, Noah Kohut Jackson, William Landis, Matt Lepin and John Quigley.

The women are represented by Ali Weimer, Anastasia Korzenowski, Emma Atkinson, Brianne Brewster, Libby Halbmaier, Taylor Kreitinger, Read Paulsen, Erin Reidy, Maria Rickman, Ava hill, Marta Kogucki and Megan Lundstrom.

The University of Minnesota cross country team watched both its men and women finish the 2022 cross country regular season at Rocky’s Run on October 22 at Les Bolstad Golf Course. The 6K Open Meeting is held annually in memory of gopher runner Rochelle “Rocky” Racette. The race was contested by Minnesota’s non-Big Ten competitors after that group competed in the Nuttycombe Invitational the week before.

The top five places for women belonged to Maroon and Gold Zoie Dundon first in a time of 22:55. Elsa Bergman the runner-up was followed in a time of 22:57 Purple Branchaw (23:24), Sydney Kretlow (11:35 p.m.) and Anna Lien (23:39) in places three to five. The men were led by true newcomers Shane Grieprog who took the crown in a time of 18:32 followed by another rookie Griffin Ward at 18:33. Tanner Klumph (18:33), Dan Van Acker (18:59) and Owen Lindset (19:28) rounded out the top 5 for men.

The University of Minnesota competed earlier this season at the UM golf course in the Big Ten Preview meeting, with both teams finishing fourth each. This meeting, which took place on September 9, saw Brianne Brewster ran her second best career in 6K time Emmet Anderson was the top finisher in the 6k race in 17th place. Prior to this year’s Michigan races, the Gophers had not raced at Ann Arbor in over 10 years.

Minnesota pulled off a championship performance from their women at the 2021 Big Ten Championships to capture the team’s first team title since 2008. Megan Hasz won the singles title a year after her sister Bethany Hasz had won for the Gophers. Of that championship roster, only three are returning to this year’s team, with Korzenowski being the top returnee (21st). Emma Atkinson (67.) and Brianne Brewster (69th).

The men went home as a team in third place Alec Basten (5.) Leading three top 20 performances with Matt Wilkinson (15.) and Owen Hoeft (20.) all anchor this achievement. From this list only captains Eli Hoeft and Seth Eliason Returning with Hoeft 66th in 2021 and Eliason 69th.

The NCAA Maroon and Gold season is upon us as both the men’s and women’s teams will travel to the NCAA Midwest Regionals in Columbia, Missouri on Friday, November 11th. The University of Missouri will host the regional championships, holding both races at the Gans Creek Cross Country Course.

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