Kirk Cousins Foregoes Chains, Buys Grass Instead. The Golf Kind.

Kirk Cousins ​​forgo chains and instead buys weed.  The kind of golf.
Kirk cousins

Unless you’re living under a rock, by this point you’ve seen Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​looking good for wins. You may not know that instead of buying chains of his own, he decided to invest in weed instead.

No, Kirk Cousins ​​didn’t get into the marijuana business, but he now owns a golf course. If there’s something that’s gotten the talking point over the past few offseasons, it’s how much money Cousins ​​is making. The Vikings invested a sizable chunk of their cap spot in the franchise quarterback, and after all, he must have had something to do with it.

According to Golf Digest, Kirk and his wife, Julie, bought Saugatuck’s Clearbrook Golf Course in Michigan. Cousins ​​played his college football at Michigan State in East Lansing, about an hour and a half west of the field. Located on Lake Michigan, Clearbrook offers spectacular views throughout the loop.

Kirk Cousins, Big Kirko, chain
Kirk cousins

The course was not bought to change what is already going on there and the family released a statement saying: “Our family recently bought Clearbrook Golf Course from our friends and longtime owners, Jim and Candy Jetelema , Bought. They have managed the course for many years and make Clearbrook a place of connection and fun for our entire community.”

I’m sure Cousins, like many pro athletes, finds plenty of time to golf during the off-season. Minnesota has many fine golf courses, and it seems the cousins ​​also have an affinity for this particular Michigan golf course. I have no idea what kind of positive or negative financial investment a golf course can be, but the land itself should undoubtedly appreciate in value.

No one could have predicted that Kirk Cousins ​​would get so icy
Kirk cousins

Give it to cousins. While decked out in expensive ice soaring ten thousand feet after the Vikings’ seven victories that year, he took a more conventional approach to spending his money. Here’s hoping that after a successful end to the Minnesota season, he can make it to his new golf course sometime in 2023 with a nice popping Super Bowl ring.

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