Public On-Sale for Taylor Swift’s Massachusetts Shows Canceled

For the second time in less than a week, Taylor Swift appears to have broken Ticketmaster.

Taylor Swift tickets in advance

Ever since Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour a few weeks ago, Swifties have been touring the country HYPED and ready to snag tickets to take part in the exclusive presale that took place last Tuesday.

Which happened to be the first day Taylor broke Ticketmaster.

After a couple of hours, Ticketmaster appeared to be recovering and preparing for the second onslaught of Swifties as they seemed to have it all figured out after moving the pre-sale for Capital One cardholders to the following day (yesterday, Wednesday) at 2pm had been.

And it seemed to be going as smoothly as possible – definitely a lot better than the day before. The only complaints seen on social media during yesterday’s presale for Capital One ticketholders seemed to be people being late to the party and missing out on tickets because they were insanely quick.

No big deal, right? Just prepare to shoot with the rest of the world this Friday when the public presale hits Ticketmaster from 10:00 a.m.

Not correct.

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Ticketmaster cancels Taylor Swift public presale

With 16 hours to go before the public ticket sale for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, taking place for three dates on Friday May 19, Saturday May 20 and Sunday May 21 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Ticketmaster was in shock everyone if you CANCELLED the planned public pre-sale tomorrow.

And that’s where this story ends (or pauses, hopefully) for now.

There hasn’t been an update from Ticketmaster since they posted that tweet (which by the way is legit considering some fans commented that they thought it was a hoax.)

Nothing has been reported from Taylor Swift herself either. That last post on her Twitter page and the last post on her Instagram are the same – a picture of her containing an acoustic version of her song Anti-Hero which is about to be released.

Hopefully there will be an update from Ticketmaster or Taylor (or both) sooner rather than later. But until then, as we’ve done since Taylor was due to come to Gillette Stadium in the summer of 2020, before the pandemic wiped out life for a while…

We are waiting. Evil impatient.

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