‘A far cry’ from 70-degree days, snow is even possible

From record high 70 degree days to snow accumulation in just a few days. Welcome to fall in New England.

This week’s weather in Massachusetts will be “a far cry” from recent unusual warmth in November as high temperatures drop into the 40s and even the first snow of the season is possible across the region.

“It’s definitely going to feel more like November this week after some of the record-breaking heat of the last few days,” Torry Gaucher, meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s Boston office, told the Herald on Sunday.

“It’s definitely going to be a far cry from the upper 70s that we had recently,” he added.

With temperatures soaring to 76 degrees Saturday, Boston hit its all-time high for Nov. 12, which dates back to 1906.

The city broke its record for November 6 last week on another 76-degree day, beating the previous record of 73 degrees set in 1948.

The first 12 days of November were warm off the charts in Boston with six days in excess of 70 degrees. The average high temperature in the city was 67.8 degrees.

But now those unseasonably warm conditions are a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future.

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