Warm Return To Work With Rain Then Snow Will Try And Polar Vortex Disruption Next Week

Monday evening, January 2, 2023

After this long vacation break, most people return to work on Tuesday morning and the weather still has a few surprises that I want to highlight here. This is just to give you an idea of ​​what is expected and may happen in the future. If you’re just getting back to the way things are, I’ve created this as an easy and quick read. I’ve also included my report on the Polar Vortex which I play a big part in with the heat and pattern change planned for this month.

Surface weather on Monday evening

If you’ve seen the Rosebowl and the Penn State ROMP, then you’ve heard about Southern California’s rare rains. There is a very active storm trail for the western United States leading into the middle of the nation and then into our north. This is the simple reason why we are “warm”.

The central U.S. storm is producing heavy snow from Denver to Iowa while also igniting a heavy storm outbreak in Arkansas and approaching between St. Louis and Memphis.

January 2nd Weather Rain RoesBowl Heavy storm

storm animation

GFS model 08:00 Tue to 08:00 Thu

Rotogravure moves into New York and New England with two rainstorms for our region. Both will sooner reach our northern areas and miss the southern part.

Take a closer look below.

January 2 weather storm forecast



Expect some fog and drizzle, but western and northern Baltimore are more likely to experience showers and steady rain. Rain will be heavier in southern Pennsylvania, including York and Lancaster, before noon.

Further south near Baltimore and Annapolis, this wave can be missed.

January 2 weather storm Tuesday


The next wave of showers will start during the day and in the afternoon. The same western and northern areas are more likely to rain constantly. However, there will be patchy showers in central Maryland to shake things up.

It is possible to get some cells with Rolling Thunder.

Winter weather folklore: “When it thunders in winter, snow can fall in a week or less”.

January 2 Weather storm Wednesday

Next phase: Thursday evening to Sunday morning

I did mention that the atmosphere will “try” a bit, but the ingredients struggle to come together. It may not be Friday at this point, but we may develop some slushy snow Saturday night through Sunday.

This loop below ends on Sunday, January 8th at 7am.

Note: I am not proposing any impact at this time. The ground is still warm and I don’t see any significant snow. But this supports the ski resorts and ambiance to remind you that winter isn’t over yet and is trying to fight back.

January 2 weather storm snow weekend

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Polar vortex disturbance next week?

If you missed my last report I explained why The Polar Vortex wraps around the North Pole but has historical analogues in recent winters showing a turn and winter exhibition by the end of January.


1pm Tue Jan 3rd to 1pm Mon Jan 9th

Here we can look at the stratospheric pressure levels.

Over the next week, this tight polar vortex is expected to distort to expand and bring colder air to the eastern US.

January 2 weather polar vortex disturbance

Snapshot: Monday, January 9, 1 p.m

This view helps show the sweeping elevations stretching from the North Pole into the eastern United States. This is NOT an arctic explosion like Christmas, but is bringing colder air back to us.

January 2nd weather Polar vortex disturbance January 9th North America

Watch closer

A major bottom in the next week is NOT the full pattern change but rather the colder spike within a warm pattern I was talking about. This is common and can produce some snow, but also helps keep the arctic air shaking and bring about that pattern change within a week or two of this pass.

January 2nd weather Polar vortex disturbance January 9th USA

temperature outlook

GFS Model for Baltimore at BWI

I am only showing this model for the trend in response to this pattern. We’ll see a return to near-normal temperatures this weekend, then an attempt for a colder climb by the end of next week.

January 2 weather temperature forecast


I still refuse to trust surface weather charts more than 1 week away. However, I see a pattern like this that can support wintry events. It’s on the horizon and well within normal expectations.

I know it’s hard for snow lovers to believe, but I have Faith in the Flakes later this month.

I will have my full weather report online at 6:30 Tuesday morning. Until then.


What is Faith in the Flakes?

It started in 2009 with my son

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My winter outlook: Not a typical La Niña!

I see many factors supporting a colder influence with multiple systems. Early and later in winter. Listen.

Winter 2023 outlook for snow not typical of La Niña plus polar vortex disturbance

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