‘This is not a warzone:’ Two guns found at Baltimore area schools this week, continuing trend

BALTIMORE — Twice this week, officials said loaded guns have been found in schools in the Baltimore area.

The first incident happened Monday in Baltimore County at Parkville High, officials said. According to police, a 14-year-old student was arrested in the incident. A few days later, on Thursday, a Baltimore city school official confirmed that a student was arrested after allegedly bringing him with him a gun and marijuana to the Mergenthal Vocational High School, commonly known as Mervo.

Mervo is the same school where student Jeremiah Brogden was shot down returned outside the building in September during his first week of school.

A student at the school told WJZ she wasn’t very scared but sometimes worried about her safety.

Her grandfather, Ralph McCaskill, said: “You don’t want to be a victim of a stray, you don’t want to be a victim of gunfire because this isn’t a war zone. This is a school. So what’s the purpose? “

Two and a half months into the school year, at least six firearms were seized from schools in the city of Baltimore.

Below is the known list of weapons seized – data compiled using information from Baltimore School officials and school police officers.

Weapon recovered from:

In Baltimore County, officials also confirmed that the following weapons were seized from schools:

After the second gun was found in Mervo on Thursday, Mayor Brandon Scott praised the school’s resource officers and blamed gun manufacturers.

“The prevalence of illegal guns in this city is overwhelming,” said Mayor Brandon Scott. “Most of them come from other states. They mostly come from outside the city.”

Mac Hardy of the National Association of School Resource Officers says young people don’t feel safe.

“It’s a preteen kid, why did he feel the need to bring that gun on campus, there must be some kind of fear,” Hardy said. “And it may not be the anxiety at school, it may be leaving home and coming to school that makes him anxious.

Since September, at least 9 teenagers have been either injured or killed in gun violence across the region.

In September, 14-year-old Travis Slaughter was shot in Baltimore County after a high school football game.

And on November 10, Baltimore County Police Department confirmed a teenager was pronounced dead at the hospital after he died found with a gunshot wound in a house on block 4300 of Tucker Circle in Landsdowne. According to the police, the murder commission is investigating.

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