Jerami Grant Reveals How Damian Lillard Recruited Him To Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers are off to a great start to the 2022-23 NBA season, not making much noise or getting the same attention as some underperforming teams, but they’re getting the job done quietly and showing fans they’re ready for it after a summer full of moves this season in the Western Conference.

In addition to the big signing of Gary Payton II (who is yet to make his debut with the team), they added a very interesting newcomer in Shaedon Sharpe and also brought a big slice in Jerami Grant. Grant was the No. 1 option with the Detroit Pistons for a couple of seasons, but he didn’t fit in with the direction the team was taking and was placed on the trade bloc.

The Portland Trail Blazers saw a huge opportunity and capitalized on it, pairing Grant with fellow superstar Damian Lillard. These two have proven to be a great duo, dominating rivals, notching up big wins in the first month of the competition and propelling their team to 1st place in the Western Conference leaderboard.

Jerami Grant Reveals How Damian Lillard Recruited Him For Portland Trail Blazers

During a recent interview with Shams Charania, Grant opened up about his adaptation to the Blazers, revealing that he wasn’t entirely comfortable with the team at first, but then it clicked and he started to feel his new team.

“The first night I didn’t know how to deal with (blazers) but once I calmed down I realized that this is a better situation for me.”

In addition, he explained Lillard’s participation in his trip from Detroit to Portland and said that Dame spoke to him in Las Vegas and raised the idea of ​​joining forces with the Trail Blazers. Dame has been trying to win in Portland for a minute and this season has started really well.

“It’s always great to know that other great players want to play with you. … I talked to Dame in Vegas, we talked about being the lead man and I told him I have a lot more respect for people who are first choices because it’s a lot harder than just the numbers to enumerate So that’s how we started.”

This duo is now doing great work at the Moda Center, leading the team to a 10-4 record and finishing 1st in the Western Conference rankings. Grant and Lillard might not be the flashiest duo in the league, but they’re focused on winning games, and the Trail Blazers couldn’t be happier about it. Don’t stay in Portland, they look like serious candidates.

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