Every ‘National Treasure’ movie cast member who has appeared in ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’

Only four episodes so far National Treasure: Edge of History have already delivered massively. The show follows a new group of treasure hunters on their quest for ancient treasure that has ties to many different cultures.

The main difference between the show and the movies is that the writers are able to go into much deeper detail. One thing that has stayed the same is that some of the actors from the film made their way onto the show. Here is a list of the characters that were in the original National Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets Movies and are on the show now.

Harvey Keith

Photo via Syfy

Agent Sadusky – who worked with Ben Gates in the first two films – appeared in episode one of the new series to help kickstart the story. Our protagonist Jess eventually seeks him out after finding evidence that he could help her solve her dead father’s mystery.

He gives her a letter that some find very valuable, and she must decode its contents to discover her possible connection to a secret network. Harvey Keitel is listed as a special guest, so we don’t expect to see more of his character on the show.

Armando Riesco

Another FBI agent from the original films, Armando Riesco, did not play a major role in the films. He was memorable as the agent Ben Gates called to warn the FBI that someone was going to steal the Declaration of Independence. His character, Agent Hendricks, didn’t take the call seriously. Fans know how that turned out.

In the new show, his character makes regular appearances as the head of the Baton Rouge FBI district. He says it was a promotion as he is now responsible for his own area.

Justin Barta

One of the most famous and memorable actors from the films made his debut on the series in the recent fourth installment. It seems that his character, Riley Poole, is intrigued by the possibility of finding more treasure and continuing the hunt. Anyone who has seen any of the films knows that Riley Poole is a fan favorite and one of the most lovable characters. His character has evolved well since the last film, but flavor of treasure hunting might bring him out of retirement.

Since the show is only four episodes long, there were no other cameos from the original film. The big one that fans are looking out for is Nicholas Cage. Hopefully Riley Poole can pull his character down and make him want to chase.

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