New video in case of man arrested after being taken to hospital for heat stroke

When Patrick Hollon was rushed to Frankfort Regional Medical Center by ambulance in the middle of a heat wave in June, he showed signs of heat stroke.

In the hospital, Hollon was given Narcan. In the hours that followed, Hollon was charged with trespassing, jailed, and eventually taken to the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital, where he required treatment and intubation for several days.

Hollon said he does not use illegal drugs and has now filed a lawsuit He accused the hospital of misdiagnosing him and sent him to jail when he needed treatment.

LEX 18 had previously obtained body camera footage from police of Hollon’s arrest for third degree criminal trespassing. The video showed police and nurses telling Hollon to leave, saying he had been fired. Hollon was unresponsive and disoriented in the videos, and his attorney has argued that he could not have walked on his own and still needed treatment.

Hollon’s attorney Kamp Purdy has provided new video showing the minutes before police arrived at the hospital. Purdy also delivered a hospital worker’s call to dispatch.

In the call, the hospital worker asks for an officer and says Hollon has “escalated” and is “walking up and down the hallways just kind of swinging his arms around and throwing things.”

The new video was captured by a hospital surveillance camera and shows the half hour before Hollon was transferred from the hospital to the prison. It contains about seven minutes of footage before the police arrived.

Before officers reach the hospital, Hollon is briefly seen walking the hallways disoriented. He then resists when nurses try to get him to sit in a chair. The video then shows nurses briefly working on Hollon while attempting to dump him.

Although it’s not clear from the video what the nurses were doing, Hollon’s attorney alleges that they may have given Hollon a sedative, citing Hollon’s changes in behavior immediately afterwards.

After reviewing the video, LEX 18 was unable to determine what had happened and asked if it was possible the nurses had removed an IV instead. A hospital spokesman told us he could not comment on a patient’s health condition.

Hollon was in the hospital about three hours before police were called. So far, no video has been released showing Hollon being taken to the hospital and being treated. The released video also doesn’t appear to show the moments when hospital staff mentioned where Hollon was combative or throwing things.

The new video was released to Hollon’s attorneys as part of his ongoing criminal trespassing. Frankfort Regional Medical Center previously told LEX 18 that they have asked that the charges against Hollon be dropped. but the case remains active.

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