Chiefs’ Kadarius Toney rejuvenated after just two weeks in Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney makes the most of his chance with his new team.

Toney started in his second career game with Kansas City in Week 10, after a nice debut with the team the week before. He was expected to see a bigger role this week, but that might have been an understatement after his game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

By the end of the game, he had 90 yards from scrimmage as the team leader, the most goals (5) of any Chiefs receiver, and he was scoring his first NFL touchdown of his career. It was a breakout performance in every sense of the word.

“It just felt electric in there (GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium),” Toney said after the game. “The reason I hopped was because I was too close to the sideline when I caught it and I was just excited. I saw the sidelines (and I said, ‘Oh, I have to hop. I’ll get in there somehow.’ But it’s electrifying to be out there with all the fans around you, sitting on top of you, yelling and yelling at the opponent above you. (The) quarterback (Patrick Mahomes) put me in the right position (to succeed).”

But what made Toney pick up the Kansas City offense so quickly — particularly one that’s known for being notoriously difficult for receivers to learn?

“I really just spend extra time doing what I need to do to make sure I know what I need to do,” Toney explained. “As if it’s my job to know what I have to do, so why not spend every waking moment or every moment I have doing what I have to do.”

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes also backed him up on that comment, making it clear that Toney put the work in.

“Since he’s been here, he’s had to be at this facility as often as I have,” Mahomes said after the game. “I mean, he makes sure he knows the breakups. He makes sure he knows the route combos, the different audibles we have on offense. I mean, when you have a guy that’s so talented, that wants to learn and keep getting better, they’re those special players that you want on your team.

Toney says the fact that he got his first touchdown reception in the NFL hasn’t quite gotten to him yet. He was thinking about that a little bit at the moment.

“As I hopped, I just sat there and thought, ‘What did I do to be in this position? How else can I thank God?’ You know what I mean,” Toney explained. “To be here and do what I can.”

The outlook makes even more sense when you consider the story behind his jersey choice. He wants to take this opportunity after failing in his first NFL stop in New York.

When asked if he feels rejuvenated playing with his new football team, Toney made it clear that Kansas City is now his home.

“Yeah, I feel like I’m right where I need to be,” Toney said.

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