Former Iowan And Current Political Candidate Gets Spoofed On SNL

They say you didn’t really make it until they make fun of you.Saturday night live‘.

For the second straight week, a former Iowa resident was parodied on the Sketch TV show. On Saturday, November 12, comedian Dave Chapelle returned to host the show for the third time.

One of the biggest moments of the episode was the Cold Open, which featured an Iowan who has garnered a lot of attention this election cycle; Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Lake’s race on Saturday, November 12 was undecided. She is running as the Republican Party candidate against Democrat Katie Hobbs. Kari Lake was born in Illinois and grew up in Iowa, the youngest of nine children, according to Yahoo News.

She attended the University of Iowa and studied journalism before moving to Arizona to be a television news anchor for many years.

Lake was first parodied by Cecily Strong during the Halloween episode of SNL. You can check out this clip below!

Kari Lake is played by Emmy nominee Cecily Strong. SNL veteran Cecily Strong returned to the show after departing at the end of last season in one of the biggest cast changes in the show’s history. In one of her first appearances, she was hired to play the former television news reporter.

In the most recent episode, In the cold open for this episode, cast members pretended to be hosts of the show “Fox and Friends”. Addressing the results of the recent midterm elections, they focused on a newcomer to the political sphere, Arizona gubernatorial candidate and longtime Iowa resident Kari Lake.

The race is at a tense point, with Hobbs only slightly ahead of Lake. It’s one of the last races that has yet to be decided. In this sketch, the hosts interview Kari Lake and former President Donald Trump about the midterm elections.

“Hey! My campaign isn’t dead yet, although my camera filter makes it look like I’m in heaven!” says stark like See.

You can watch the full clip below!

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