Resource officers address increase of weapons at schools, 4 threats this week

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana School Resource Officers Association says they are seeing an increase in children bringing guns to schools across the state of Hoosier.

“It’s a very sad trend that we’re seeing right now,” said Julie Quesenbergy, president of the Indiana School Resource Officers Association.

The Indiana School Resource Officer Association believes one of the reasons for the increase may be related children who have trouble resolving conflicts.

As of Monday, WRTV has reported that at least 4 threats have been made against schools across the state. In at least one instance, Decatur Central High School was suspended after a gun was found on campus. According to the IMPD, the students involved were arrested.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare when you send your kids to school and you want to know what’s going on,” said Adam Lanman, resident of Monroe County.

Last week, a 14-year-old boy was arrested after being found with a gun at Edgewood Junior High School. Lanman said both of his children were in school when it happened.

“My daughter was scared because I was just waiting for her at home,” Lanman said. “I hugged her. When they both walked in they saw the fear in me and being young I don’t think they realized what could have happened.”

“Since October 24thth, This year there were 257 school shootings on campus, surpassing the 250 total for all of 2021 — and that happened in October,” said Julie Quesenbergy, president of the Indiana School Resource Officers Association.

Quesenbergy said those numbers are statewide and that schools need more resource officers to slow the trend they’re seeing.

“Although the facilities are good, we can gauge the students when they come in – talk to them and build relationships that they feel safe in so they can talk to us and let us know what’s going on” , said Quesenbergy.

ISTA President Keith Gambill sent this statement to WRTV regarding the ongoing threats in schools.

Every Indiana student deserves a welcoming and safe learning environment free from the fear of gun violence in their school or community. Safe schools are an important part of safe communities where students, their families, and educators can go to school, shop at the grocery store, and attend church, a concert, or a movie without fear or threats of violence. We cannot have safe schools without safe communities.

To do this, we need the help of our leaders and responsible gun owners. 90 percent of Americans, people of all races, locations and political parties, support sensible solutions that keep guns out of schools and protect students and educators. We also need gun-owning parents to act responsibly and keep their firearms out of the reach of children. All of us, parents, educators and legislators, working together, can make our schools safer and more welcoming for all students.

Keith Gambill, ISTA President

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