Oil gets delivered to wrong home, floods basement of a Springfield home

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – An oil delivery mishap caused a nightmare for a family in Springfield after they said 100 gallons of oil flooded their basement. With the smell of oil still in the air in her home, a local woman said her greatest wish is for everything to return to normal.

“Finally I pick up the phone and my son says, ‘Mom! There’s oil in the whole basement! There’s oil in the whole basement!” said Andrea Eileen Lanzillo of Springfield.

Lanzillo described to Western Mass News the dramatic scene at her home in Springfield a few weeks ago. She said 100 gallons of oil was mistakenly dumped at her home and flooded the basement.

The only problem: The Lanzillo family doesn’t heat their house with oil.

Instead, they said the oil flooded the basement, destroying family photos, handicrafts, and completely ruining the two bedrooms that were in the basement.

Western Mass News also spoke to Tina Lanzillo, who also lives in the house. She said the oil entered the house through disused oil lines and crowded her out for two nights. In addition to the physical damage this mishap caused, Tina told Western Mass News the emotional toll was significant.

“That brought back a lot of suffering, the trauma that we went through,” she said. The Lanzillo family lost their home to a tornado in 2011 and were displaced from their home for about a year.

Tina also told Western Mass News what it was like living in the house in the weeks following the incident.

“It smelled. It was terrible. And finally, we don’t smell it that much this week. And that since October 24,” she said.

Tina tells Western Mass News the home has passed three separate inspections, and she says no one warned her those pipes could cause problems. Her advice for co-owners:

“If you have these pipes and no oil, you need to get rid of them! This can happen. The fire department said this is more common than we think,” she said.

The Lanzillo family still has a long way to go. Soil samples will be taken in the coming weeks, the family said, to see how extensive the damage was.

“We are Lanzillo strong! And we survived the 2011 tornado, and we will get through this!”

Western Mass News spoke to Mike Kutty of Kutty’s Fuel Oil Company. He said it was an honest mistake on his part and that the oil was destined for the house across the street. He said while his heart goes out to family, it’s more common than people realize. He said when oil lines are not in use, Massachusetts law requires them to be clearly marked or removed from the building entirely.

The Lanzillo family raises money through go fund me. More information can be found here.

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