Week 12: Boise State at Wyoming. Game Recap




Boise State got off to a slow start, allowing the Cowboys to take an early 10-0 lead. The running game kept the Broncos within striking distance and two field goals cut the deficit to four before halftime.

The offensive turned it around in the second half, and Taylen Green put on the most impressive performance of his young career. However, the biggest play he made was on the defensive side of the ball.

1st quarter (6:41) – 2-yard run by RB Wyatt Wieland (Hoyland PAT)

Boise state 0 – Wyoming 7

2nd quarter (13:15) – 53-yard field goal by K. John Hoyland

Boise state 0 – Wyoming 10

2nd Quarter (2:39) – 22-yard field goal by K Jonah Dalmas

State of Boise 3 – Wyoming 10

2nd Quarter (0:00) – 47-yard field goal by K Jonah Dalmas

State of Boise 6 – Wyoming 10

3rd quarter (4:57) – 5-yard run by QB Taylen Green (Dalmas PAT)

State of Boise 13 – Wyoming 10

3rd quarter (0:42) – 83-yard run by RB Titus Swen (Hoyland PAT)

State of Boise 13 – Wyoming 17

4th Quarter (7:20) – 38-yard pass from QB Taylen Green to WR Billy Bowens (Dalmas PAT)

State of Boise 20th – Wyoming 17



  • Injuries are piling up for Andy Avalos and the defense. The absence of Ezekiel Noa, Demitri Washington and others is forcing some young people to get involved. Titus Swen’s 83-yard rush showed that this defense needs its core group of experienced leaders to return to the original form found in the first half of the season.
  • WR Billy Bowens has continued his steady improvement over the past few games after a shaky start. He timed his jump perfectly on Green’s pass in the fourth quarter and put the Broncos back on top.
  • The trio of Green, Holani and Jeanty ran the ball all over the field, gaining a total of 269 yards. Jeanty had an enormous run, first being stuffed at the line of scrimmage, stepping back 12 yards, then finding the edge and gaining eight yards. He has such a talent for keeping his legs going and not giving up a game. Holani was more decisive in finding holes in the second half. His only flaw was fumbling at the end of the fourth quarter that nearly handed Wyoming the game. Green did what he does best, finding one-on-one matchups and using his athleticism to get past them. That’s what gave the Broncos their first touchdown of the day in Laramie.
  • In the passing department, Green did a great job of not putting the ball in jeopardy and giving his receivers an opportunity to make a play. In the first half, those receivers did him no favors in the cold, dropping catchable passes. His timing is getting better and better, and giving Bowens a shot to get under the ball near the end zone is exactly the kind of throw that will help create bigger gaps in the running game.
  • The defense did not jump out of the gates, but was able to muster important stops. A handful of runs from Swen catapulted the Cowboys into scoring territory, but that was Craig Bohl’s only successful strategy. Run defense was subpar, allowing Swen to run 212 yards on 19 carries. However, the secondary was powerful and aggressive. Wyoming started a backup quarterback with limited experience, but keeping a team at 30 passing yards is pretty damn impressive. In the second half, S. Rodney Robinson made a key interception in the end zone to cut short the Cowboys’ opening drive.
  • The player of the match was JL Skinner. Not only did he grab an interception to give the Broncos a chance to spoil the game, but he got on the clutch less than a minute later and picked off Wyoming QB Jayden Clemons on a potential game-winning touchdown. Skinner didn’t have the flashy, bone-crushing tackles he had a year ago, but he played big when it mattered and stamped Boise State’s ticket to the championship game at Mountain West.
  • Special teams did a solid job at Laramie. Aside from a Dalmas field goal attempt that went wide to the right, everyone played their part. Punter James Ferguson-Reynolds pinned Wyoming twice inside the 20 for a 48-yard long. Kick returner Kaden Dudley had a very good night, averaging 30 yards returns and giving the offense better field position to start their drives. Dalmas kept Boise State in contention in the first half, drilling two field goals to keep it a one-possession game.
  • The ending sequence with a Wyoming pick, Boise fumble and another Wyoming pick was crazy enough to take years out of your life. But, as many pointed out, the efforts and awareness of Taylen Green, a redshirt freshman, to track down the cowboy who found Holani’s fumble and attacked him on the edge of the red zone was smart beyond his years. If we’re being honest, Wyoming should have been able to accommodate the fumbling and take the lead.

Green isn’t just a quarterback.

He is a athlete.

This “kid” saved the season at Boise State.

Go forward

Boise State accomplished what they set out to do in August.

Win the division and play for a conference championship.

Not only will they be playing for a title at Mountain West, they’ll host rival Fresno State for a rematch on December 3rd.

This is the fourth time the Bulldogs have had to travel to The Blue with conference dominance at stake. Boise State is 2-1 up, but Fresno State has bragging rights when they beat the Broncos 19-16 in overtime in 2018.

However, the Broncos have their regular season finale on tap. They will welcome the Utah State Aggies to Albertsons Stadium on Senior Day. The Aggies have won three in a row and five of their last six.

Look for a Boise State-Utah State preview to be released Thursday.

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