‘The White Lotus’ Star Jon Gries on Greg and Tanya’s Tumultuous Marriage: ‘He’s Getting Worn Out’

While the only known faces from The White Lotus season 2 are only married months after their wedding in Hawaii, Jon Gries admits Greg and Tanya’s honeymoon phase has faded as the couple’s differences have sparked conflict, the slowly tiring loose Greg.

“Greg is pretty much the go-with-the-stream guy; he takes it all in stride…Tanya is anything but that,” Jon Gries told TheWrap. “Every day is a crisis, things get lost, she’s confused … I think wear and tear wears it out a little.”

Though the couple are enjoying their romantic Sicilian getaway, though Greg disapproves of Tanya bringing her assistant Portia, things further escalate when Greg announces that he needs to travel back to the US to do some business during their vacation – which Tanya naturally squirms as she sobs at the breakfast buffet.

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Add in a few shady phone calls and layered comments here and there, and Greg’s supposed work trip becomes Tanya’s new obsession as she speculates if something nefarious is on the agenda. “At face value, he’ll take care of some work,” Gries said. “He goes back to take care of something and she turns it into something much, much bigger.”

In doubt, Tanya requests a home visit from a fortune teller to clear up her concerns, which of course doesn’t reassure her. Gries imagined how Greg would end this spiral if Tanya had shared it with him, noting his character’s practical tendencies due to his law enforcement background.

“No, no, no, we’re not going down that rabbit hole,” Gries said as Greg. “You had someone come into your room and throw away some cards and talk about your relationship with me? Who has never met one of us? I’m sorry, but I can’t invest there.”

After Greg first swept Tanya off her feet in Hawaii, the couple tied the knot and it’s clear Tanya facilitated medical treatment for Greg’s undisclosed health condition, which has since resolved — although Gries suspects it was wasn’t as serious as Greg suggested.

“I don’t necessarily know if Greg was really as incurable as he made it out to be,” Gries said. “I think maybe there are a few traits he shares with Tanya, who’s a bit of a half-empty glass when it comes to his health, and [he] felt like ‘hey, I could drop dead anytime.’”

Aside from their shared pessimism, the two couldn’t be more different — especially when it comes to wealth. While Tanya finances her vacation with an absurd amount of luggage, Greg admits that if the couple splits due to the prenuptial agreement Tanya raised, he wouldn’t be able to make a living if he loses his job.

“Greg is uncomfortable with it [but] At the same time, he won’t spend much time on self-reflection,” said Gries. “He takes it as it comes; He won’t be upset that his wife is far richer than he could ever imagine.”

However, he has learned to walk the aisle quite well, says Gries. “He’s going straight into the flow,” he said. “[Tanya] To approach somebody [and] He’s drinking an Aperol Spritz, eating some bar grub…he sits back and she shows up and it’s like, ‘Hey, where have you been?'”

Although Tanya offers to tear up the marriage contract in a moment of desperation, Greg knows that solution would not end their problems. Gries points to Tanya, who pushes Greg away in a moment of intimacy.

“Greg doesn’t want to go away,” Gries said. “Greg wants to move on… he’s attracted to Tanya, he loves her, but he loves her in his own way.”

While her issues definitely won’t be resolved in just a week, Gries says Greg hopes Tanya has “enough fun that she doesn’t focus too much on him [and] that she could just go with the flow and maybe learn something about herself” during his absence from Sicily.

“That would be the ideal return for Greg,” he said, “so she would just learn to have fun and get involved.”

New episodes of The White Lotus debut Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and stream at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on HBO Max.

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