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LAS VEGAS – Steve Morton had never watched a hockey game in his life.

“Not even on TV,” he said.

He was born and raised on Maui, and not much hockey happens there.

But he heard all about it from his daughter Haunani, who was introduced to AND hockey while playing college softball at Lake Region State in Devils Lake.

The Mortons made friends in North Dakota and those friends invited Steve and his wife Roxanne to go with them to Las Vegas for the 2018 US Hockey Hall of Fame Game between rivals AND and Minnesota. They did.

“It was very interesting how people came into play,” said Steve. “It was surprising. The crowd really goes into it and it’s very loud when they roar. It’s kind of nice for us because we don’t have this caliber of games on my island. There’s a bigger college on Oahu, but it’s all high school on my island.”

AND won the game 3-1 and the Mortons were thrilled.

Since then they have attended two games at Ralph Engelstad Arena and Steve even watches games on TV in Hawaii.

“I didn’t understand the game at first but now I understand it,” he said. “I picked up things here and there. I’m also starting to know the cheers and stuff like that, which is interesting.”

Steve and Roxanne will be back in Vegas for another AND target game on Saturday night. This time, the Fighting Hawks take on Arizona State at T-Mobile Arena, home of the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights.

Fans from at least 43 different states, six Canadian provinces and three European countries are expected to attend the game and take part in the celebrations surrounding the game.

“I hope it’s going to be a good game like the first one I’ve seen,” said Steve. “That was a pretty good game.”

Arriving from Newfoundland

Michael Pretty’s first AND hockey game was in 2016.

Pretty’s longtime friend, AND alum Bob Bredesen, suggested they meet up in New York City to watch AND play a target game against Boston College.

Pretty made the journey to Manhattan from his home in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland.

“We went to the game and I said, ‘This is great. When’s the next one?'” Pretty said.

Module image by Brad Elliott Schlossman

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He will make the 4,000-mile trip to Las Vegas for this weekend’s US Hockey Hall of Fame game, flying from St. John to Halifax to Winnipeg to Vegas.

While in Vegas, he also plans to attend Sunday’s Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg Jets game — a particularly notable matchup for him because Winnipeg’s top minor league partner, the IceCaps, used to be in Newfoundland and he cheers for the Jets .

But the highlight will be AND’s game against Arizona State. Pretty said he hopes the experience is as good as the one in New York City.

“I loved it,” he said. “There was a lot of action. It was back and forth. And in the end, the best team won, which was cool.”

US Hockey Hall of Fame game

Who: No. 6 AND vs. Arizona State.
When: Saturday 9:07 p.m.
Where: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.
TV: Midco Sports (GF Kap. 27/622 HD).
Radio: The fox (96.1 FM).
Electricity: NCHChockey.com.

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