Mother of murdered Georgia toddler indicted on 19 counts

Leilani Simon (Chatham County Sheriff’s Office)

The mother of Quinton Simon, the 20-month-old boy who was reported missing by his mother in October, has been charged with 19 counts in connection with the toddler’s murder on Wednesday.

Chatham District Attorney Shalena Cook Jones announced these charges against 22-year-old Leilani Simon, the baby’s mother, during a news conference this afternoon. Simon was arrested on November 21 after Quinton’s body was found in a nearby landfill.

Simon faces malicious murder, two counts of felony murder, concealing the death of another, one false report of a crime, one false testimony and 14 counts of false testimony.

The eight-page indictment reveals some more details about what investigators believe happened to Quinton and how police say his mother continued to cover it up.


Quinton Simon

Quinton Simon (Chatham County Police Department)

Prosecutors allege that Quinton was killed “on or about” October 5. A grand jury believes that Simon “committed an assault on the person of her son Quinton Simon with an object unknown to the grand jury at the time.” The indictment went on to say that it inflicted “cruel and excessive physical pain” on the infant.

According to the indictment, Simon then constantly lied to the police during the investigation. When she reported Quinton missing on October 5, she told police he was “kidnapped by an unknown intruder.” She “also admitted that in the late night hours of October 4, 2022, she left home to meet with her drug dealer, falsely stating that the purpose of that meeting was to settle an existing drug debt.” The indictments also allege that she lied about her drug use, stating that she only ever uses marijuana and that the only “controlled substance she has used in the last 24 hours was marijuana.”


The court document shows that she told investigators she left her home on the morning of October 5 to meet up with a friend at a gas station to get Orajel. Investigators believe that instead of meeting that friend, she dumped the 20-month-old boy’s body in the dumpster at Azalea Mobile Home Plaza, the indictment says.

She would tell investigators the same lies three days later and again a week after Quinton’s disappearance, the indictment said.

On Oct. 31, the indictment reveals she changed her story and told investigators that her boyfriend, Daniel Youngkin, was actually the one who left the home on the morning of Quinton’s disappearance. She told investigators the same story the day she was taken into custody.

FBI confirms remains found in landfill BELONG TO GEORGIA TODDLER

DA Jones says this is an ongoing investigation and more details will be released, but through normal court proceedings.

Leilani Simon remains in Chatham County Jail.

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