Corey Simon says GOP could learn a thing or two from Florida

The new state senator from Big Bend, Corey Simonsays Republicans in other states should follow the Florida GOP’s playbook to replicate their success.

Simon is among a new class of Republicans who stormed into offices across the state on Tuesday while the GOP statewide failed to claim the red wave many had predicted. Speech on Fox News’ SaturdayLawrence Jones Cross Country‘ Simon suggested Republicans take a look at what their Florida counterparts and the governor said. Ron DeSantis are in.

When asked by Jones, Simon agreed that voters want strong, determined leadership, something he said DeSantis has brought.

“It’s what people are looking for. I think the weak approach doesn’t work,” Simon said.

Simon discontinued Democratic Sen. Loranne Ausley, a longtime Democratic legislator, in Senate District 3 in North Florida with 53% to 47% of the vote. He is the first Republican to represent Leon County in the Florida Senate in decades, possibly since Reconstruction.

To achieve his electoral success, Simon said he focused on economic issues and technical education, issues he said resonated with his SD 3 constituents. In the Untold, Simon’s campaign and the Florida GOP segment, Ausley had also repeatedly met on LGBTQ issues.

It’s reminiscent of what he thinks DeSantis has been focusing on.

“I think what our great governor has done is keep the state open during COVID, really focus on family, have a say in what they need about their children’s lives, and really focus on freedom.” said Simon. “I can’t talk to the rest of the country. All I know is that protecting the sovereignty of the great state of Florida is important to us, and that’s why I was elected.”

Before entering politics, Simon played a successful career in football. He was the focal point of Florida State’s defense during their 1999 championship season — when he was also named an All-American — and played a professional career that spanned eight seasons in the National Football League.

Simon, a black man who grew up with a single mother, is considered by many to be an inspiration. Jones asked if Simon would be campaigning across the country to try to usher in Republican success elsewhere.

Simon said no, his responsibility lies with his constituents in SD 3.

“I live in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the state of Florida, so it’s important that I focus my time on these people,” Simon said. “These are the people who voted for me and these are the people I’m fighting for.”

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