Harness Preview: Picks and Horses to Watch Nov. 10-14

Featured features, stakes reporting, and TwinSpires’ endless Horses-to-Watch (H2W) list share the keys to success in exotics, winning, placing, and showing payouts.

Thursday, November 10th


Every Thursday we highlight probable long shot races at the Canada Trapeze Meet. Any horses that don’t win straight away will appear in the following week’s H2W as back bets or in select features, adding new opportunities to this section.
R3 — #6 Clover (5-2): The beaten favorite could come from a key race.
R4 — #7 Barrett Hanover (5-2): A super win that could deliver a fair price to repeat.
R6 — #3 Commemoration (5-1): The underdog will be forgiven for a slow start.
R9 — #1 One Last Bet (5-1): Impressive finish at 17-1.


Dover Downs

Race 6 – 3-year-old filly ($135,000)
There is no way around using it #7 Cheerful S (2-1) as a key for exotics. Or happen. We like them for $2 exactas and trifectas on the two longest strokes on the board.

Race 8 – 3-year-old stallion at a trot ($143,000)
As with the filly, the colts can once again bow to #6 King Of The North (2-1), but we’re staying tuned #5 Fast as the Wind (8-1) for a surprise like we had hoped Hoosier would have. Remember that “King” was fired with great odds when he woke up.

Race 10 – 3-year-old filly pace ($123,000)
Another angry expectation is #5 I will always hit you (15-1). Their second 15-1 in a state-bred final at Hoosier was a deft effort to close traffic and could likely win at or near the top here.

Race 12 – 3-Year-Old Stallion Pace ($158,000)
we forgive #3 Please let me know (12-1) for losing as a big pick in Philly in a Simpsons effort against three opportunistic pacers on this stretch of the favorites’ graveyard. He could get the trip he should have but at a higher price against the obvious favourite; It’s our pick for price and purpose.

Friday, November 11th


The Meadows

The United States Trotting Association and Meadows Standardbred Owners Association add guarantees for two pools on Friday, November 11 for $125,000 in guarantees. These are not jackpots. The Pick 5 carry of $14,223 is guaranteed to $50,000 and the Super Hi-5 carry of $22,949 is guaranteed to $75,000. The Pick 5, a 20-cent bet, starts in race 4. The Super Hi-5, also a 20-cent game, is on the card in the final race. We offer our competitors in every exotic; Use them however you like on the tickets you create.


race 4#6 Riot (9-1) fire from a great effort at Pocono; #9 Freedom and Liberty (7-2) is sharp and can handle the outside posts for a productive coach.
race 5#4 Leroy Gibbs (7-1) is an enhancing Sweet Lou product; #5 Best Shadow (6-5) hits a field he can tolerate.
race 6#1 Windsong Lion (7-2) awarded for break, returns to perfect point; #3 Sand Between My Toes (5-2) is in better shape than ever.
race 7#2 Pancho Power (7-1) should run back to winning style two; #5 Imarealrockinlady (3-1) was troubled in Northfield, returning home; #7 Chatty Devon (20-1) comes in top form.
race 8#4 Get Serious (12-1) is in the best spot since Scioto last August; #9 Golden Compass (7-2) clearly assumes the weakest in a long time.

  • 20 cent pick 5 ticket: 6, 9/3, 5/1, 3/2, 5, 7/4, 9

race 13
We focus on five trotters: #1 Caviar Yankee (8-1), #2 The Big PG (20-1), #4 Knockout Girls (9-2), #5 Masculine Male (6-1)and #7 Father Son (20-1) than our competitors and suggest the following:

  • 20 cent Hi-5 ticket: 1, 4 / 1, 2, 4 / 1, 2, 4, 5 / 1, 2, 4, 5 / 1, 2, 4, 5, 7

horses to watch

H2W legend

Check our selection and confirm the bets available on the prescribed route. H2W offers possible competitors researched from reviewing races. The names of the horses are listed below the track name, followed by the date of their race and race number (R6). When a + precedes a horse’s name, it appears for the second time in the list (horses are only listed twice if they didn’t win the first time). An “ae” also signals-eligible. Types of bets placed are based on your judgement.


11/11/22, +Always with me R8

Dover Downs
11/10/22, +Shakespeare R11; +Oceanridge N R14

free hold
11/11/22, +Maydaymaverickhope R6

Hoosier Park
11/11/22, +Bold And Brassy R1; Fools want R5

11/11/22, spoiler on the beach R5; Master Conrad R5; Village Champion R11
11/12/22, village champion (ae) R1; Mambacita R5; International male R8;

The Meadows
11/10/22, + Jim Rock’s R9

Mohawk Park
11/10/22, + Chesapeake Sunrise R4; +Swan by land R10

11/10/22, American Vision R2; +mightu N R7; Statement R7

Northfield Park
11/12/22, +naughty honey R11

Northville Heights
11/11/22, Underthespotlight R1 (Qual); Libby’s idea R6; Swan leader R8

Plainridge Park
11/10/22, The Lindy Contract R2; Bluffinner R5

11/12/22, +Flight-Footed Legend R5
11/14/22, +Foxy Fiji R1

11/10/22, +Red Mustang R1; + Rusty Rambo R4

11/13/22, I three R2
11/14/22, American Tour #R4

Vernon Downs
11/11/22, +Skateboard Chic R6; +Dreams on a roll R6
11/12/22, Khun Ratha A R5; American JJ R8

11/10/22, + The Boss R6
11/11/22, + Ace’s Rock R1

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