FCS Top 25: Sam Herder’s Ballot For The Week Of 11-14-2022

I’m grateful to once again have a vote in the Stats Perform FCS Top 25 media poll for the 2022 season. I will post my ballot every week and justify my order.

Notes below.

FCS Top 25


24. SEMO

23. Eastern Kentucky


21. Southeast Louisiana University

20. North Dakota

19. Delaware

18. Elon

17. New Hampshire

16. Montana

15. Idaho

14. UC Davis

13. Jackson State

12. Chattanooga

11. Holy Cross

10. Furman

9. Richmond

8. Incarnate Word

7. William & Mary

6. Weaver State

5. Samford

4. State of North Dakota

3. State of Montana

2. State of Sacramento

1. State of South Dakota


I recheck my order every week which can lead to big jumps and falls. I don’t like categorizing teams based on last week’s order as we get a clearer picture with each week with more games. So Team A can skip Team B even if both teams had similar wins. And a team can even drop out after wins or a bye, depending on what’s happening across the country.

Fordham (8-1 vs FCS) comes back in my top 25 as Rhode Island gets knocked out.

A notable change near the top was moving Samford one place ahead of No. 5. Samford continued to impress in a 9-0 win over FCS with two ranking wins and a solid 18th on schedule. The offense remains explosive, while the defense has become noticeably tougher compared to previous teams.

holy cross (10-0 with an FBS win) lost some points like Jackson State did last week, although HC continues to win. If you have a weaker SOS (Holy Cross 72nd, Jackson State 114th) I have to see that you dominate and outclass inferior opponents. Holy Cross, which had a 36-29 fight against a 3-7 Bryant team this weekend, plus single digit wins over Harvard and unranked Lafayette, made me reconsider if it really is a top 10 team. But I bet they still get a top 8 spot if they win in Georgetown.

State of South Dakota (10-0 vs FCS) remains my #1 because I believe they are the best and most complete team in FCS, although I think so sac state (10-0 overall with an FBS win) will be No. 1 in the playoffs if it beats UC Davis.

State of Montana (9:0 against FCS) remains in front State of North Dakota (8-1 vs. FCS) while MSU keeps winning and the Bison are still looking for a clear win. An injury to Hunter Luepke (had his arm in a sling) is a serious injury to watch in the national cover picture as Luepke was a dominant force when NDSU needed him most in last year’s semifinals and title game.

I was one of the few who had that U.C. Davis (6-3 vs. FCS) because it annihilates inferior opponents and its FCS losses are among the top 10 teams. The Aggies proved it and then some by winning decisively in Idaho, which I had in my top 10 last week. UC Davis moves up to 14th and Idaho (6:2 against FCS) falls back to 15th place, but remains one place ahead Montana (7-3 against FCS).

Richmond (8-1 v FCS) moved up a few places with some last-minute clutch play after an impressive away win in Delaware. and Furman moves up my top 10 after beating Mercer on the street. Furman is 7-1 against FCS with two league wins and his only loss is a 34-27 game against Samford.


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