EKC Sixth Form College in Canterbury offers more choice and responsibility to students than anywhere else

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Students at Kent’s newest A Level provider have loved the experience since they joined just two months ago.

EKC Sixth Form College, on New Dover Road, Canterbury, welcomed its first students in September. With a whopping 23 A-Levels, the new facility offers more choice in a single location than anywhere else in East Kent. In addition to more traditional courses, the Sixth Form College also offers subjects such as criminology, photography, classics, environmental studies and textiles.


Samantha Gatland is studying four A levels; mathematics, biology, chemistry and psychology. She said: “The first thing that struck me was the sheer range of courses on offer and the location. My decision to enroll here stemmed from my final interview, where I saw the teachers’ enthusiasm for the EKC Sixth Form College.

“It’s a fantastic place to study, I’m so glad I made the decision to come here. I really trust the teachers; They are kind, lovely and I have full confidence in their teaching abilities.”

Each faculty is nurtured by strong existing industry and university ties developed by the six EKC group universities. This has already enabled those wishing to join the medical field to attend Kent and Medway Medical School, where a doctor and current students gave a lecture before being shown around the facilities.

Samantha added: “I aspire to go into medicine, for which the sixth form has provided support and opportunities through trips to university fairs and the University of Kent. I think it’s very important to have networking opportunities early in the year to expand our key skills and organize our university options. “

State-of-the-art equipment also helps students to prepare optimally for their future life at the university or in their job. Fully equipped laboratories, modern classrooms and a large fitness and gymnasium complex are available for students to enhance their studies.

Other existing facilities that benefit learners include a large learning resource centre, a canteen and separate bistro with constantly changing menus, and a student wellness centre. In the latter, learners can access confidential advice and guidance if they are struggling with their courses or anything else in their lives. This comprehensive support ensures that all students are well-positioned to maximize their time in sixth form.


Another place they can do this is through the student union, which helps keep students happy and confident both on and off campus at EKC Sixth Form College. The Union organizes a range of trips and events aimed at enriching students’ experiences, helping them make new friends and discovering their interests.

Additionally, the educational style at EKC Sixth Form College offers students the opportunity to learn in a more mature environment, giving them the flexibility they need to develop key competencies that will benefit them alongside their core studies.

Kai Guthrie, who is studying business, physical education and photography in his A-levels, says: “I really enjoyed the first two months – there wasn’t a single day that I didn’t want to come in. The people here are lovely and easy to make friends with.

“I would recommend people to come to EKC Sixth Form College because it was a great decision for me so it’s worth doing some research. It’s a great balance between high school and college as you have the freedom of college but the close community of high school.”

EKC Sixth Form College Principal Emma Wilkinson is often on hand to support students and ensure the learning environment remains the perfect place to learn.

She said: “It was a fantastic term for EKC Sixth Form College which has already helped us achieve our vision of creating an inclusive and enjoyable place to learn and thrive. Our students have settled in very well in our sixth form, it’s great to see how much they are learning, pushing themselves and making friends.


“The encouragement to explore subjects, to engage in comprehensive support and to make the most of local facilities makes EKC Sixth Form College the perfect stepping stone into higher education and employment as it instills in students a sense of personal responsibility and trusting in this will prove incredibly useful in achieving their ambitions as they progress.”

More information about the EKC Sixth Form College and its courses can be found here.

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