Dagne Dover Wins the Award For Most Clever Travel Gift

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I am a browser. Constantly rummaging in bags for my wallet, my glasses and the really good caramel I knows I have but can’t find it. It’s a harmless habit that can quickly degenerate into chaos when I find myself in the TSA queue, shoulders slumped under the weight of my overstuffed bag, one hand waving my passport in the air and the other frantically clutching my phone . Usually a tangled web of wires waits like a trap at the bottom of my bag filled with god knows what: lipstick? hand sanitizer? Old face masks because “you never know”? The slightly awkward crescendo is reached when everything inevitably tumbles out like minnows on a ship’s deck.

While packing cubes or reusable containers aren’t my thing, products that improve awkward situations (see above) spark joy in my skeptical heart. This brings me to my review of the Arlo Tech organizers by Dagne Dover. They do just that and a little more – allow me to elaborate.

dagne dover arlo tech org small
dagne dover arlo tech org big

Small cases for your cables

First off, let me be honest: those little cases for your chargers, cables, and other plug-in stuff aren’t the cheapest – but that’s because they aren’t cheap. Made from the same tear-resistant neoprene and soft mesh as the rest of the Dagne line, they balance structure with softness. They are also completely vegan. The six colors offer enough choice to suit a range of styles; I like the onyx, the dune, and the recently reintroduced camel (the dark moss reads a little military to me).

The interior organization is something of a specialty of the brand. But what I like about these types is that they don’t complicate the work since they mainly consist of elastic straps and pockets with velcro closure. The small size—which is just 4.5 inches long and 2.25 inches wide—I can fit: a full-size Mac charger and cable, two more USB cables, a phone charger, and three USB chargers ( with room for a few more cables as needed). This is where the petite sub-5 ounce weight becomes the clutch because there’s a bit of weight to all that. While the larger size would be fine for a carry-on, the smaller is great for walking or driving to work or errands.

Pocket bar carts and vanity cabinets for the plane

If you’re tech-savvy, consider taking the organizer to new places (and heights) with this permission. I envision it as a homemade bar cart for on the plane or even backpacking; Easily pack travel-size booze and accessories in the multiple pockets. Or use it as a refreshment station on transcontinental flights, stowing all your toiletries inside along with a travel mirror. It might even serve as a place for all those condiments you know vacation rentals don’t have, or that hot sauce that somehow doesn’t exist in flight. If you’re looking for something larger but with the same smart compartmentalized design then check out the Mila Toiletry Organizers.

Very practical gifts

Several editors on the Domino team own Dagne products and agree that the durable exterior and interior are a breeze to clean. If you’re struggling with hair and dust, a quick brushing will usually do the trick. For more stubborn dirt stains or deodorant stains, a damp wipe with a cloth without detergent should be sufficient. The shell also dries fairly quickly, protecting the interior from case spills (pretty important if there are cables in there).

These thoughtfully designed products make clever gift items for anyone who travels regularly or just needs a little help with organisation. You’ll never have to fish (for an earbud charging cable) again.

Dagne Dover’s new collection: Upstate of Mind

Speaking of good gift ideas, Dagne Dover has just launched his FW22 collection which includes new styles and limited edition shades – giving my love for the classic camel colorway a run for its money. There’s arugula (a rich green), dusk purple (a muted lavender), and rye (a rich chocolate brown). These fresh shades grace the brand’s best-selling classics (like the Ace Fanny Pack) as well as their two newest launches: the Walker backpack (part pouf, part backpack) and the Ruby shoulder bag (a snuggly silky pouch for hands-free calling).

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