NDSU Wrestling Claims Three Individual Titles, Takes 2nd Overall at Southern Scuffle

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – The North Dakota state wrestling team captured three singles titles and second overall at Southern Scuffle Monday 2023 at McKenzie Arena on the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga campus.

Jared Frank claimed his second straight Southern Scuffle title at 157 pounds while he Kelly March and Owen Pentz claimed titles of 149 pounds and 197 pounds respectively to lead the way for the bison. March and Pentz join Franek as the only Bison to have won titles in the Southern Scuffle.

North Dakota State finished second overall for the second straight season, finishing with 144.5 points, the highest in the event’s programming history, beating the previous team high of 109.5 from last season. The Bison finished behind lone team champion Oklahoma State (181). Missouri (125), Stanford (105.5), and Minnesota (96) completed the top five.

North Dakota State’s three singles champions reached a tournament high with Oklahoma State. The Bison added two second places, a fourth and a fifth. NDSU’s seven finishes is a new high for the Bison at the event, breaking the previous high of six from last year and 2020. The five finalists were also the most of any team at this year’s event.

The Bison started the day with all five wrestlers progressing to the semifinals and winning to advance to the championship finals on Monday night. March clinched the first title of the evening session by defeating #21 Victor Voinovich (Oklahoma State) with a takedown in a sudden win 5-3. March defeated #23 Quinn Kinner (Rider) 9-3 in the semifinals to advance to the title match.

Franek then stepped onto the championship mat and recorded his highest-ranking win of his collegiate career, defeating #3 Kendall Coleman (Purdue) by tiebreaker criteria to capture his second straight Southern Scuffle title. Franek defeated Stanford’s Charles Darracott and advanced to the final.

Pentz claimed the final title for the 197-pound bison. In the semifinals, Pentz #4 pinned Ethan Laird (Rider) to secure his place in the finals. With his pin over Laird, Pentz has now pinned the No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 wrestler in the country in his collegiate career.

In the final, Pentz trailed 4-2, but leveled the match late in the first period with a 4-4 takedown. Pentz then won a quick escape over #16 Lou DePrez (Binghamton) to start second before DePrez retired through medical loss.

Michael Calendo and DJ Parker also reached the championship final on Monday. Caliendo defeated #20 Andrew Sparks (Minnesota) for the third time this season to reach the 165-pound final before losing 3-2 to #2 Shane Griffith (Stanford) in the final. Parker defeated Gavin Stika (Oklahoma State) 5-1 in the semifinals before losing 3-1 to #14 Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State) in the finals.

Juan Mora claimed fourth overall in the heavyweight division Dylan Drogemuller finished fifth overall in the 141-pound class to finish placings for the Bison at the event.

North Dakota State Individual Results:
Results below the line occurred on the second day

149 | Kelly March | 5-0 | champion

W via Jake Adams (Little Rock), December 6-0
W via Drew Roberts (Minnesota), MFF
W via Jordan Williams (Oklahoma State), Oct. 10-9. December

W over #23 Quinn Kinner (driver), 9th-3rd December
Victory over #21 Victor Voinovich (Oklahoma State), 5th-3rd Dec (SV)

157 | #4 Jared Frank | 6-0 | champion

W via Dominic Isola (Virginia), MD 13-1
W over Sebas Swiggum (Minnesota), MD 13-0
W over Ben Monroe (state of Iowa), MD 10-1
W via Vinny Zerban (Northern Colorado), 4th-1st December

W via Charles Darracott (Stanford), 3rd-2nd December
Victory over #3 Kendall Coleman (Purdue), 2nd-2nd December (TB-RT)

197 | #28 Owen Pentz | 5-0 | champion

W via Mateo Morales (CSU-Bakersfield), Fall 2:26
W via Colden Dorfman (Virginia), TF 17-1 5:59
Victory over #29 Michial Foy (Minnesota), 5th-3rd Dec (SV)

W over #4 Ethan Laird (driver), fall 6:03
Victory over #16 Lou DePrez (Binghamton), MFF 5-4 3:03

165 | #12 Michael Calendo | 4-1 | 2nd place

W over Cam Steed (Missouri), Aug. 8-3. December
W via Stoney Buell (Purdue), 6-1 December
W via Hunter Garvin (Stanford), 7th-4th December

W over #20 Andrew Sparks (Minnesota), 2nd-1st December
L to No. 2 Shane Griffith (Stanford), 3rd-2nd December

184 | DJ Parker | 4-1 | 2nd place

W via Mason Diel (Little Rock), MD 13-1
W via Ben Vanadia (Purdue), TF 16-0 3:28
W over #22 Sean Harman (Missouri), 2nd-1st December

W over Gavin Stika (Oklahoma), Aug. 5-1 December
L to #14 Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State), 3rd-1st December

285 | Juan Mora | 5-1 | 4th Place

W over #28 Zack Knighton-Ward (Hofstra), 5-1. December
W via Logan Andrew (Chattanooga), 3rd-1st December (SV)
L to No. 29 Garrett Joles (Minnesota), 5th-4th December

W via Seth Nitzel (Missouri), MFF 3:11
W via Josiah Hill (Little Rock), 2nd-2nd December (TB-RT)
W over #21 Jonah Niesenbaum (Duke), 3rd-2nd December
L to No. 24 Konner Doucet (Oklahoma State), 2nd-1st December (TB)

141 | #11 Dylan Drogemuller | 5-2 | 5th place

W via Angelo Martinoni (CSU-Bakersfield), 6.-1. December
W over Vance Vombaur (Minnesota), 4th-3rd December
L to No. 25 Darren Miller (Bucknell), 4th-2nd December

W via Jack Gioffre (Virginia), 2nd-1st December
W over Angelo Martinoni (CSU-Bakersfield), fall 1:15
L to No. 6 Jake Bergeland (Minnesota), 3rd-1st December (SV)
W over #25 Darren Miller (Bucknell), MFF

– – – Non-Placers – – –
Sorted by weight class

125 | Carlos Negrete | 0-2

L to #28 Caleb Smith (Appalachian State), MFF 1-0 3:17
L to Jeffery Jacome (Gardner Webb), MFF

133 | McGwire Midkiff | 3-2

W via Josh Sarpy (Little Rock), Fall 1:20
L to #27 Brayden Palmer (Chattanooga), 3rd-1st December
W via Cael Keck (Little Rock), 6.-0. December
W via Ethan Oakley (Appalachian State), 5th-2nd December

L to No. 23 Sean Carter (Appalachian State), 3rd-2nd December

141 | Gavin Drexler | 1-2

L to No. 6 Jake Bergeland (Minnesota), 4th-2nd December
W via Issac Byers (Appalachian State), TF 15-0 5:39
L to Mckenzie Bell (driver), 12.-5. December

149 | Gabe Schumm | 2-2

W via Chase Tebbets (Little Rock), 4th-2nd December
L to Benji Alanis (Northern Colorado), 4th-1st December
W via Trey Kruse (Purdue), 10.-4. December
L to Blaine Brenner (Minnesota), Fall 5:45

149 | Max Petersen | 1-2

L to Chris Sandoval (Northern Colorado), 9-5. December
W via Corbin Dion (Gardner Webb), MD 11-3
L to Patrick Rowland (Duke), 3rd-1st December (SV)

174 | Gaven Sax | 2-2

W via Albert Urias (CSU-Bakersfield), 3rd-2nd December
W via Will Miller (Appalachian State), Aug. 5-4 December
L to No. 11 Peyton Mocco (Missouri), 7th-4th December

L to #21 Julien Broderson (Iowa State), December 3-0

174 | Riley Habisch | 3-2

W via Warren Hoyt (Little Rock), 2.-0. December
L to No. 4 Dustin Plott (Oklahoma State), Aug. 5-3 December
W via Macartney Parkinson (Purdue), 4th-0th December
Victory over #33 Sam DePrez (Binghamton), 3rd-1st December (SV)

L to Triston Wills (Little Rock), 5.-2. December

184 | Michael Nelson | 0-2

L to #23 Jacob Nolan (Binghamton), 6-0 December
L to Jacob Hansen (CSU-Bakersfield), MD 9-1

197 | Spencer Cranberry | 1-2

W via Sam Mora (Gardner Webb), Fall 1:23
L to Stephen Little (Little Rock), 9.-4. December
L to Xavier Vasquez (Northern Colorado), 8.-3. December

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