Suspect Arrested For Breaking Into Arizona Democratic Gov. Candidate’s Office

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A suspect was arrested Thursday after allegedly breaking into Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs’ campaign office announced Thursday, a crime the Democratic nominee has linked to ongoing threats of voter intimidation and allegations of fraud in the state ahead of the midterm elections.

Important facts

Phoenix police said Thursday an arrest was made for a commercial burglary at the address of Hobbs’ campaign headquarters, confirming the campaign to CNN and linking it to the burglary at his office.

The campaign and local police said on Wednesday that a burglary had taken place on Tuesday, with police saying in a statement only that “objects were taken from the property at some point during the night”.

Hobbs’ campaign blamed supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake for the burglary expression Wednesday and said Lake and her allies had “spread dangerous misinformation and instigated threats against anyone they see fit.”

Attacks on elected officials and threats of intimidation against voters “are the direct result of a concerted campaign of lies and intimidation,” the Hobbs campaign said.

Lake responded to the allegations earlier Thursday, calling them “absolutely absurd” and “despicable.”

The police have not yet named the arrested suspect, more information would come on Thursday afternoon.

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45.7%. That’s the proportion of voters who say they will, on average, support Hobbs in the gubernatorial race starting Thursday, according to an in-race poll compiled by FiveThirtyEight. Lake leads Hobbs in the polls, averaging 48.5% support.

main critic

“I can’t believe she would blame my amazing people for why she would blame me,” Lake said Thursday of Hobbs pointing the finger at her campaign for the burglary. “I don’t even know where her campaign office is.”

key background

The break-in into Hobbs’ office comes amid concerns about intimidation and harassment of Arizona voters as voting has begun in the midterm elections, which Hobbs has also overseen in her role as secretary of state. Hobbs has referred at least six cases of alleged voter intimidation and harassment of a poll worker to the attorney general and US Department of Justice in recent days, her office said, including reports of voters being taped, photographed and followed by a vehicle after the election their ballots in a mailbox. Two lawsuits have now been filed separately by voter advocacy organizations seeking court orders to stop grassroots groups and individuals from intimidating voters, alleging group members harassed voters at ballot boxes and, in some cases, were “armed and equipped with tactical gear.” While no allegations have been directly linked to Lake’s campaign, the right-wing candidate has made false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election and has refused to explicitly confirm that she will accept the results if she loses her race. in one tweet In July, Lake posted a photo of a ballot box with the warning, “We’re monitoring drop boxes across the state.”

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