Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office unveils its new MCSO Museum at ‘soft opening’ celebration

THE WOODLANDS, TX — Sheriff Rand Henderson was joined by his two predecessors and numerous other members of the community and public to celebrate the “soft” opening of the new Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Museum at 2359 Holloman Street in Conroe. The museum will open to the public next spring.

Three sheriffs and several community leaders attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony

The ceremony included a presentation of colors, a stirring performance by America the Beautiful, remarks from Sheriff Henderson, a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a tour of the new facility. Henderson was joined by the two men who held the sheriff’s office before him, Tommy Gage (2005–2017) and Guy Williams (1993–2005).

“I am delighted that we were able to celebrate our 185th anniversary with this soft opening of the museum on the day of the anniversary,” Sheriff Henderson told Woodlands Online exclusively. “Today is a very special day and I’m just so proud of the work our volunteer committee has put into this effort to make it happen. This goes back to Commissioner Mike Meador; He donated the building we are in. Commissioner Walker stepped in and helped with the landscaping, driveway and foundation. Both made a significant contribution to the fact that we were able to make something beautiful out of an old building.”

The museum includes photos, a static display, a learning center, vehicles on display, and a video retrospective of the sheriff’s department in reruns. When asked by Woodlands Online what he thought of the opening, former Sheriff Gage was pleased with what he saw. “In 2015 the guys got together and decided they wanted to build this museum and we supported them and they did an amazing job. Sheriff Henderson and his crew did a great job and it’s exciting to see everything come to life today,” he said.

Major Tim Cannon of the MCSO’s Administration Department was clearly proud of the achievement when asked by Woodlands Online about his feelings. “It has been an affair of the heart for quite some time. We’ve been working on it essentially since 2015, collecting objects, informing the public about it and asking all retirees who have worked here in the past to bring what they felt would be important to document our story. It also took a lot of time to put our photos together. We are missing portraits and photos of some of our sheriffs; We’re looking for them and trying to find the true history and magic that created Montgomery County. Without our history we would not be where we are today.”

Among the community leaders attending the event was Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough.
“If you think about how Montgomery County became the third county in Texas when it was still a republic, it was interesting to hear Sheriff Henderson refer to himself as ‘Number 41’ – the 41st Sheriff – he and I are.” both of the 41st of us offices,” he exclusively told Woodlands Online. “Seeing all of this and the history is just remarkable and gives you a sense of pride in something so good and of historical importance. I applaud these men and women for that.”

Sheriff Henderson summed up the sense of accomplishment that was evident at the opening ceremony. “This is something for the general public to enjoy and I look forward to hosting school children and those interested in Montgomery County history,” he told Woodlands Online. “When this started under Sheriff Gagere in 2015, there wasn’t a lot of artifacts to find at the time, but he had staff who were particularly interested in the project, and they started getting artifacts from retirees going back many years, and even bought some items from ebay like patches to complete our collection. They use their own finances to help. It’s come together really well, and there’s a lot more stuff we’ll be flipping on and off after we open to the public in the spring.”

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